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Octane MTX Max Trainer Elliptical Review

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How long will the Octane MTX Max Trainer last?

This Octane is built with commercial facilities in mind and weighs in at 220 LBS. This is impressive considering that nearly one-quarter of the MTX Max Trainer is comprised of a fan. The folks at Octane have given you a lifetime frame warranty so we know they have faith in their frame. The moveable handles as well as the fixed handles are well constructed. The Console while basic is bulletproof and sometimes simple is better in the fitness business. It's normally your higher-end touch screens or busy consoles that have as we at Treadmill Doctor like to say cascading failures. The dual resistance of the fan and magnetic brake will act as a complementary system that shares the wear and tear as opposed to a single brake system. The foot pedals are well constructed and made with commercial-grade materials. So, what does Octane think about their parts? Octane gives you a 3-year warranty on their parts with 1 year of labor. We normally call out manufacturers for short warranties, but we doubt you will have many problems with this Max Trainer.

Brief Overview

This year's third-place winner for ellipticals from $3000-$3999 on Treadmill Doctor’s 2021 Best Buy List is the Octane MTX Max Trainer. The Octane MTX Max Trainer is a total body high-intensity trainer. It is more of a stepper than a traditional elliptical but its stride length of fourteen inches combined with the nine inches of vertical movement is reminiscent of an Adaptive Motion Trainer. This Octane uses the dual resistance of a fan and a magnetic brake. This Max Trainer is a commercial unit and is built with some of the best materials Octane could source. It has a relatively basic console that makes it easy to use and is honestly one of the toughest workouts you are going to find in any gym. The small footprint of the Octane makes it ideal for most home or apartment settings. If you're looking to shred off your turkey dinner after the holidays, could the MTX Max Trainer be the catalyst to your transformation? Well, as with all fitness equipment there are some things we like about this Octane and some things we don't.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the Octane MTX Max Trainer is what you would expect from Octane. It is deemed a commercial trainer and we don’t have an issue with that. We at Treadmill Doctor have seen these in the wild at legitimate health clubs and they are always in use. This Octane uses dual resistance of a fan and magnetic brake. The magnetic brake is operated thru a nice wide lever that gives the user 10 grueling levels of resistance. The basic console is highly functional but has the tired look of octanes of old. The console does have a nice backlight and sometimes less is more. The moveable arms are well constructed and the fixed bull handles are of high quality. These handles should be stout enough for a 400-pound person trying to shred their glutes, to grasp. We think that most manufacturers' max weight capacities are measured with a funny scale. Either way, we are confident in saying that virtually anyone who would honestly be looking at this high-intensity Octane should feel confident that this machine should be able to take a beating and stay intact, providing it was built by a professional technician. The foot trays are oversized, well-constructed, and comfortable. They have a nice grip which is needed. <br/> On the downside, for this Octane Max Trainer is that this machine is built with limited people in mind. This machine is designed for serious fitness users for example the most popular of the programs is 14 minutes long. This is a high-intensity trainer so if you want to use it less aggressively you should keep that in mind. The MTX Max Trainer has a relatively short program list but for most people in the market for this Octane that shouldn't be a problem. Once again, this machine gives the user a serious workout. If you are part of the small market that the MTX Max Trainer was built for, then it should do well for you. The only other knock is the Console looks a little cheap, but it is functional.

Things we like

  • Dual Resistance
  • Innovative
  • Intense Workout
  • Small Footprint

Things we dislike

  • X
    Limited Programs
  • X
    Niche Market
  • X
    Cheap look of Console


Number of Programs 6
Drive Position Front
Flywheel Weight N/A
Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Unit Dimensions 30″ x 47″x 65"
Resistance Levels 10
Heart Rate Sensor N/A
Weight of Unit 220 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 5 year Parts, & 1 year Labor


This is the first year we have reviewed the Octane Max Trainer. Please read the full review and other ellipticals in this price range to understand why we ranked this trainer number three on our best buy list.


In conclusion the Octane MTX Max Trainer is a high-intensity total body workout machine. This is a commercial machine with a small footprint. The transport wheels in the front make this Max Trainer easy to move but it is a little top-heavy so be careful moving it. While we at Treadmill Doctor are not fans of the cheaper looking console and the limited number of programs, we understand what Octane was going for when they made the Max. This Max Trainer is designed for someone who is going to really work out hard. The heavy loads of resistance combined with the multiple targeted areas of specific exercise really don’t need a ton of programs. And while this console is a bit basic it was designed to withstand the sweat barrage in a commercial setting. The multiple angles of targeted exercise are designed for someone who really wants to get in shape. While the price may scare off some end users, we at Treadmill Doctor think this is a good value. Now this machine is made for a serious workout and you will need a solid vinyl mat if you have this machine inside your house to protect your carpet or wood floors from perspiration. So, we placed the Octane MTX Max Trainer in third place for the 2021 Best Buy for ellipticals in the $3000 to $3999 price range.

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