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NordicTrack Incline Trainer X11i Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

With higher quality components and a HUGE running surface, the X11i makes a great addition to the incline trainer lineup.

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X11i Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.91

Icon Health and Fitness is the largest fitness manufacturer dominating the global market. Their unique selling proposition is producing feature packed machines that are visually appealing. NordicTrack is a classic example of a company that is efficient at mass manufacturing backed by decent quality, given the price range.

That kind of quality gets more value addition with extra features. In NordicTrack Incline Trainer X11i they have a treadmill that adds definitive value in its incline feature, challenging the endurance limits of the best in the business. Very little separates the X11i from its sister TM, the Commercial 2950.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill

A massive and powerful 4 HP motor gels effectively with an expansive 20" x 62" tread belt

This massive motor comfortably powers the lengthier 20" x 62" tread and is capable of withstanding the heaviest training sessions, keeping this treadmill running smoothly without headaches. Make no mistake; you can run your heart out, but this motor won't run out on you.

The walking area, at 20" x 62", is a great surface for a challenging workout. If you are a tall runner, your longer stride will be easily accommodated by this TM. You are getting 2" more in length than any of the traditional workhorses in this class. This lengthier tread is useful as it prevents the console from intruding into your running space.

Frankly, the cushioning is good but not very impressive when you consider the stiffer price level of $2,499, as even lesser models are offering better padding for tired feet.

The -6 to 40% incline-decline variation adds variety to the training schedule

This feature presents one of the most challenging ways of strengthening and toning your lower limbs in a manner that expends maximum calories. Great value for serious runners and their hard earned money.

Adjustable cushioning gives you safer and more challenging options

This is an excellent feature for serious runners conscious of protecting their feet and muscles. The Runner's Flex feature deadens the intensity of joint impact and lowers strike intensity by permitting you to adjust the cushioning. The more adventurous crowd can tone down the dampeners to get a harder surface.

44 pre-programmed workouts; enough to satisfy any exercise regimen

The full range of 44 programs adds value to runners hungry for workout variations. The efficient Machine-power that the treadmill provides ensures that the Man-power is tested to its extreme.

Offers HD video display on a 10" screen with an Android web interface

Browse the web, check your emails, watch high definition images and let detailed preset programs transform your exercise routine - you will never be short of entertainment while you run this machine.

A warranty that is as impressive as the machine

A warranty agreement that assures you 3 years breathing space on labor, 5 years on parts AND electronics and lifetime on motor, deck, and frame is seriously good. It can't get better than this for any treadmill in any segment; this is not a machine that will encourage fear of failure.

And the criticisms...

Too expensive? Yes, this feature packed model is for Richie Rich!

If you come with lean pockets and leaner purses this model is certainly not for you with its technology intensive features and genuine quality. If budget is the deciding factor settle for something in a lower price range more related to your genuine needs.

Glitches in the android interface could be annoying

For a product that is within kissing distance of $2,500, an Android interface that plays hooky could raise the blood pressure of runners, albeit temporarily.

Our verdict

Motor and walking area sizzle and the outstanding warranty underlines the acceptability of this great treadmill that is a serious attempt at marketing an incliner with attitude and resilience.

The best incline trainer you can get from NordicTrack. The only disappointment will likely be some glitches with the Android interface.