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NordicTrack Free Stride Trainer FS14I Elliptical Review

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How long will the NordicTrack Free Stride Trainer FS14I last?

The Nordic Track has a well-constructed frame and looks attractive. It has some quality components, but it also has a lot of moving parts due to the multiple exercises this machine was designed to achieve. This begs the question, should Icon be focusing on getting 1 exercise right or 3 exercises kind of wrong. Most users will need professional assembly with this FS14i, and honestly, we recommend it. The best foundation for this machine is a proper build due to the integration of bands, rollers, and flywheel. It is a very busy design. We cannot speak to the longevity of this machine with a very heavy user of above-average size. The fact that once again Icon gives the owner a below-average warranty is a red flag for us when considering all the exercises this FS14i claims to perform. We feel the bulk of averaged sized individuals who moderately exercisers will have virtually no problems with this Nordic Track, but wish that Icon had the same faith to give the user a better warranty at this price range. We find the 2-year parts and 1-year labor warranty very disappointing.

Brief Overview

The Nordic Track Free Stride Trainer FS14i is a center drive total body low impact multi exercise machine. The FS14i has an adjustable stride and purports to do all the exercises an elliptical, treadmill, and stepper can do. The FS14i has a massive adjustable stride range, one of the largest in the business. At first glance, the FS14i has a sturdy build and it is fairly attractive. This Free Strider is quite a bulky machine weight wise but has a smaller footprint than one might imagine. However, due to the vast stride range, you will still need some room to fit this Nordic Track. As with all fitness equipment, there are some good things about this Nordic Track FS14i and some things that we really wish they improved. So, we have ranked the NordicTrack Free Stride FS14i second place in Treadmill Doctors 2021 Best Buy for ellipticals in the $3000 to $3999 price point.

Overall Quality

For the most part, the Nordic Track FS14i has a nice sturdy build. You will know this when you are getting it out of the box if you are going to try and assemble it yourself. Most people are going to opt for help in the assembly due to the heft and busy design of this Free Stride Trainer. Once unboxed and assembled the FS14i is a fairly good looking machine. It has one of the largest stride ranges in its class and actually one of the longest strides periods. The adjustable stride will get the user 32 inches of range. You have a nice range of incline and declines to choose from with this Nordic Track both at 10%. The console is a 14-inch touchscreen that incorporates iFit as well as the embedded programs that this FS14i comes equipped with and are accessed thru your WIFI. There is actually a mode called automatic trainer control that allows your iFit trainer to control your FS14i to maximize your workout. We can’t say everyone will like that feature but it is still worth noting. There are plenty of resistance levels that should be ample for most lighter users. However, due to the flywheel’s limited weight larger more intense individuals may find the sudden magnetic resistance (SMR) to be lacking. The moveable handles are well constructed, comfortable and the push buttons control your resistance and elevation. The foot pedals are fairly well constructed and the padding is comfortable. When you spend this kind of money Icon likes to give you the other bells and whistles that you have come to expect in their higher-end Nordic Tracks. So you will have 2 Bluetooth audio speakers and a workout fan. <br/><br/> The FS14i does not have contact heart rate grips which is a bit weird. Despite spending this kind of money you may have to purchase the optional polar chest strap that works with this Nordic Tracks Bluetooth capabilities. Which is a bit ridiculous in our opinion. While the range of motion you have with this FS14i is vast, the Flywheel could be a bit larger to accommodate the resistance that a larger user would hope to have at their disposal. The weight capacity is misleading at best. We seriously doubt that a plus 300 LB individual who works out at a moderate level would find this center drive, and small flywheel a serious challenge. We are sure the drive would be anything but a smooth experience for that individual. Besides, the high price, once again Icon’s short warranty is a problem. This is where Icon drops the ball again, if they would ever give the owner a longer warranty who knows how much of their competition would cease to exist.

Things we like

  • Stride Range
  • Decent Build
  • Nice Looking

Things we dislike

  • X
  • X
    Small Flywheel
  • X
    Short Warranty
  • X
    No Heart rate chest strap


Number of Programs 35
Drive Position center
Flywheel Weight 20 Lb
Weight Capacity 375 lbs
Unit Dimensions 58.5″ L x 29.5″ W x 74″ H
Resistance Levels 26 Digital / SMR
Heart Rate Sensor Chest Strap
Weight of Unit N/A
Warranty 10-Year Frame Warranty,2-Year Parts Warranty, & 1-Year Labor Warranty


This is the first year we have reviewed the Nordic Track FS14i. Please read our final verdict on this machine and other elliptical reviews to get the best comparison before making your purchase.


The Nordic Track FS14i is part of the Free Stride Trainer series from Icon. This is one of the flagship models from Nordic Track and has a lot of things going for it. We like the versatility of this FS14i and feel it is fairly well constructed. It has a massive range of stride, a large selection of resistance levels, and a large incline and decline range. This is a good looking machine and the 14-inch touchscreen has a nice picture quality. The movable handles and the footpads are comfortable. We wish the flywheel was larger because the SMR might be able to accommodate larger individuals. This is an innovative machine, but the FS14i has an extremely busy design which could lead to problems down the road. We recommend this Nordic Track for lighter users we find the 375 weight capacity to be very misleading. The warranty is a bit short as usual, especially at this price point. In our opinion, this FS14i still has enough other premium features for a machine in its class to earn 2nd place on the 2021 Treadmill Doctor Best Buy List for Ellipticals in the $3000-$3999 price range.

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