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NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Arguably the best NordicTrack ever made. We bought our test model from NordicTrack about 3 years ago. I lost over 100 lbs. on this machine and it has never had a problem.

NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.44

What we can say in favor of the TM

Powerful motor and excellent deck combine to add sizzle and sparkle to power running

The Large frame 3.8HP motor in this machine has extremely good power generating capabilities. It's the right fit to power an expansive 22" x 60" belt and paves the way for smoother acceleration to 12 mph.

A broader belt that is 2" wider than standard and is longer and healthier adds to running pleasure. Athletes and power runners will be in their element on this magnificent surface designed perfectly for endurance training.

An effective cushioning system that is real value for money

The cushioning ensures that your joints and muscles are protected to a great extent from the stress and pounding of intense training. Definitely one of the smoothest surfaces you are going to see in the under $2,000 category. One of the lowest priced machines that I can run on since I have had two back operations.

An exciting package of preset workouts and varied inclines that will thrill the athlete in you

With 40 preset programs in the console, athletes and power runners will be spoiled for choice. Combine this with a -3% to 15% decline/ incline variation and you have the recipe for a varied and challenging training program. Boredom is unlikely to rear its head when you are on this treadmill.

Has folding feature that facilitates space saving

With dimensions of 79" L x 37" W x 71" H you will need a large area to locate this treadmill, so plan your space before you buy it. Larger area and higher step up means low ceilinged and congested basements and apartments are questionable locations.

Warranty that highlights company's faith in its product

Labor gets a warranty of 2 years; parts and electronics are covered for 5 years; and the frame, deck, and motor have lifetime coverage. When you are gifted a great motor, an excellent running track and superb cushioning, then this warranty comes as icing on the cake. This gives you more value for your money and a big boost in reliability.

What might get you thinking...

Healthy treadmills can be located in lower price bands

For serious runners with a budget under $2,000 the Elite 9500 Pro combines good value for a great price, but there are many who can't afford this price. For them it would be worthwhile selecting models lower down in the NordicTrack lineup. The NordicTrack C 1750 is one example that is good value for money in the under $1,500 category.

Our verdict

The NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro has it all- quality, dependability, warranty cover, an excellent motor drive combination, a smoother running surface - qualities that make this a wonderful machine that is excellent value for the money. NordicTrack couldn't have done a better job in the under $2,000 range. The reliability factor is extremely high because even some higher end models don't guarantee this kind of longevity.

If they carry through on service, this is a runner's treadmill without equal in its price point. If you can find it for their "sale" price of less than $2000, you should have your head examined if you don't buy it.