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NordicTrack Elite 900 Treadmill Review

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How long will the NordicTrack Elite 900 last?

The NordicTrack Elite 900 folding treadmill offers a space saving design and can hold users up to a 300 lb. weight limit. It has a durable build and is best suited for walkers with light to moderate use. The Elite 900 comes with a rather limited 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1 year labor warranty which is a selling point for other competitive models that offer lifetime guarantees on both frames and motors. Despite the lower warranty, the Elite 900 should last or several years with proper maintenance and care.

Brief Overview

The NordicTrack Elite 900 folding treadmill has a rather simplistic console that is rather large and bulky considering the size of the small screen. It is tailored towards those beginning their fitness journey who still requires the option of a folding frame. It is marketed with a 1-year iFit membership which is worth almost $500 and adds to the quality of this investment even though the warranties are lower than other competitive models. In this price range there are treadmills that offer lifetime guarantees and even decline features to intensify workouts to the extreme. Careful consideration before purchase might get better options at a comparable price.

Overall Quality

The NordicTrack Elite 900 folding treadmill is best suited for light use and comes with 3.0 CHP motor that is self-cooling and can reach a maximum speed of 12 MPH. It reaches a 12% incline allowing intensive cardio workouts on an ample 20” x 60” running surface giving users the ability to reach peak performance and individual fitness goals. There is also cushioning built into the deck and suspension system that allows lower painful impacts on lower body parts. While the NordicTrack Elite 900 folding treadmill comes with the ability to reach into the iFit network, the 7” touchscreen leaves a lot to be desired considering the size of screens on other NordicTrack models. The screen does pivot for optimal viewing though those on the visually challenged side might still miss quite a bit on the smaller screen. The console of the Elite 900 is WIFI enabled and there are 2 built in speakers for audio pleasure while an integrated fan cools sweaty brows.

Things we like

  • larger running space
  • decent frame
  • 1-year iFit membership

Things we dislike

  • X
    low warranty
  • X
    no decline
  • X
    small screen


Maximum Incline 12%
Maximum Speed 12 mph
Maximum Weight Capacity 300 lb
Running Surface Length 60"
Running Surface Width 20"
Motor 3.0 CHP
Tread Belt 20" x 60"


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NordicTrack Elite 900 folding treadmill is a great basic unit that has appealing features for those just starting out their fitness journey or those wanting to walk their way towards optimal fitness health. While not the best treadmill for the price, it is most certainly not the worst, though a careful comparison of competitive models (even ones by the same parent company iFit) will show quite an assortment of features that are not always similar by far and might best suit those looking for longer lasting performance.