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NordicTrack Elite 3700 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

A kissing cousin of the NordicTrack C 1630 Pro sold directly by NordicTrack. It is just packaged up with a new name so Sears won't have competition.

Overall Quality

In the past, Sears had their own models and NordicTrack has resurrected this practice like the zombie that won't die. Think "Night of the Living Dead" and you will appreciate their business practices. Although they had tried to become more transparent and sell the same models that NordicTrack sold online, Sears must have felt like they were losing sales so in order to confuse consumers, take a model like the NordicTrack C 1630 Pro and then slap a new label- Elite 3700- change a few features that don't make a meaningful difference and...walla! You have a new treadmill so you don't have to compete!


Walking Area 9
Power 7.3
Cushioning 6.9
Reliability 6.1
Noise Level 5.6
Quality 4.5
Value 6.1
Warranty 8.5