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NordicTrack Elite 3200 TV Treadmill Review

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Where to buy the NordicTrack Elite 3200 TV

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Brief Overview

Stick with the 2900 model and buy a separate TV if you like this one. Nordictrack has come a long way in quality and slowly but surely, they are approaching the $2000 price point with some winning treadmills. I'm not sure if everyone is watching but we are.

Overall Quality

TV treads still have a ways to go on average and this one is no exception. We would save our money on the extra TV add-on and get a LCD screen to mount on your wall. It won't take the beating that the treadmill gets.


Walking Area 8.5
Power 7.2
Cushioning 8.5
Reliability 6.5
Noise Level 7.2
Quality 6.8
Value 5.8
Warranty 3.5