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NordicTrack Elite 14.7 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The Elite 14.7 is one of the better NordicTrack front drive ellipticals and our 3rd Runner UP award winner for 2014.

Overall Quality

<strong>NordicTrack Elite 14.7 Review</strong> The $1000-$1500 price range is really a tough competition for trainers. What makes the NordicTrack Elite 14.7 as our Best Buy 2014 3<sup>rd</sup> Runner Up in the $1499 category is the amount of features it packs. <strong><em>What features users will like</em></strong> <strong>Enhanced foot pedals, handlebar, fans, and sound system</strong> NordicTrack is known for the extra features they add on their machines. The Elite 14.7 is one best examples. From top to bottom of this elliptical, you will be provided with oversized pedals, full cushioning, and handlebar controls for the resistance setting and incline. Also, if you are one of those who likes to listen to their favorite music while working out, you won't miss the built-in fans and speakers for a more enjoyable workout. It also supports almost any phones or other MP3 devices so you can connect through the audio input provided. <strong>Equipped with 7" touchscreen Internet browser and iFit </strong> Most users right now can't live without going online. If you are fond of checking something online while exercising, then the Elite 14.7 might be perfect for you. It is armed with an Android browser in a 7" touchscreen display. This may not be as big when compared to a 10 inche iPad, but letting you check your email and enabling you to browse the Internet while working your muscles up is a pretty sick feature. What we are concerned about is the quality of these extra features. NordicTrack is known to pack amazing amount of features and technology into their machines. But considering their history, what they need to work out first is the glitches before they roll out of these technologies. They also need to see if they can fix their problems in customer service. <strong>-10</strong> <strong> to 20 degrees incline/decline ramp</strong> Considering all the features we mentioned above, you also get a rare decline feature from this trainer. Having an incline in this price range is already awesome, much more if you get to have the feel of downward trekking added to it. <strong><em>What features Treadmill Doctor likes</em></strong> <strong>An adjustable stride</strong> For this price range, 20 to 22 inches adjustable stride is pretty common. But considering all the extra features added in this trainer, these adjustable lengths are pretty decent. You have more options to target different lower body muscle groups and you get your other family members to use it with ease. <strong>26 resistance levels and 38 workout programs</strong> The amount of resistance levels this trainer offers is on par with our Best Buy Winner in this category. This is what we really like about NordicTrack machines. While adding extra features, they don't forget on what are the essentials in a workout machine. With these resistance levels, you can fully enjoy the 38 workout programs this elliptical offers. The 38 workout programs it offers is also a wow feature. Considering the amount of features with which they equipped the Elite 14.7, one can already say that it is an all-in-one workout machine. <strong>Uses a heavier flywheel</strong> The Elite 14.7 uses a relatively heavy flywheel weighing 34 pounds. While enjoying the extra features it packs, you can also feel a smooth motion while working out. <strong>You can fully utilize the wireless HR monitoring</strong> Not every trainer offers a free wireless chest strap on their machine. In the case of Elite 14.7 you get to fully utilize the heart-rate monitoring it provides. Other trainers usually don't include a wireless chest strap, which can make the HR monitoring on other machines completely useless. <strong>Heavy but stable</strong> Relatively, this trainer is pretty heavy (310 lbs). But for a machine to handle a maximum of 400-lb user weight, this is pretty standard. <strong><em>Our verdict: </em></strong> Feature wise, this trainer is near the top of the list. But considering NordicTrack's history with the additional features they add on their machines, they might want to fix the quality first.


Adjustability 5
Reliability 5
Noise Level 5
Value 5
Warranty 6
Quality 5
Ergonomics 6

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