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NordicTrack E 9.0 Elliptical Review

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Where to buy the NordicTrack E 9.0

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Brief Overview

A stripped down version of the E12.0 is a solid machine.

Overall Quality

We would recommend that you spend the extra money for the E 12.0, however. The extra warranty you get with the E 12.0 more than makes up for the extra money you will spend.</p> The NordicTrack E 9.0 is a good elliptical. At $899, it's a less expensive version of the E 12.0, but it delivers similar quality. Still, you'd be better off paying the extra money to get the E 12.0. The added coverage of its warranty is more than enough to offset the increase in price.</p> Ergonomically speaking, this elliptical is great. You can find models in this price range that offer a more natural range of motion, but there aren't many. The adjustability is the best you can get for this low of a price, and it puts some of the more expensive models to shame. The stride length can be altered from 20"-22", which gives you some options to fit it to your body type. You also have 20 resistance levels and a large -10 to 20% decline/incline range.</p> The projected reliability is average. This is good for how inexpensive this model is. You could easily pay more for a machine that has a shorter life expectancy than this one has. The quality of parts is notable. To get anything better you're probably going to have to spend several hundred more dollars.</p> The noise level is where you would expect it to be. This is a pretty common standard for all ellipticals regardless of price. If the quietness factor is a major concern for you, you can certainly find better at a similar cost, but most users won't find the amount of noise generated during operation to be a problem.</p> The warranty on the NordicTrack E 9.0 is pretty good for its price. Labor is covered for 1 year, parts are covered for 3 years, and the frame is covered for life. While this isn't a bad warranty, especially for such an inexpensive elliptical, if you jump up to the E 12.0, you'll get an extra year of coverage on labor and an extra 2 years of coverage on parts. That's definitely worth spending $300 more.</p>


Adjustability 6
Reliability 5
Noise Level 5
Value 5
Warranty 5
Quality 5
Ergonomics 6

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