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NordicTrack E 7.1 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The value version of the 990 Pro is a solid machine that appears lacking in comparison to its big brother.

Overall Quality

In our opinion we would go ahead and spend the extra money on the 990 if you like this elliptical design. We would also recommend that you consider the new E 12.0 design for a little more as well. If this is what your budget can afford, it is a solid quality machine with decent features.</p> The NordicTrack E 7.1 is a stripped down version of the 990. At $799, this model is only $100 less than the 990. It doesn't have quite the same quality, so we recommend spending the extra money. The E 12.0 is also good option, but it will cost you significantly more.</p> Ergonomically speaking, you're not going to find a better machine in the sub-$1,000 range. It's not uncommon to find ellipticals that sell for more than $2,000 that have a comparably natural range of motion. The adjustability is pretty good for the cost. It's at the higher end of its price range in this category, and some models costing several hundred dollars more don't have as many options as far as adjustments are concerned. The stride can be set anywhere from 18"-20", which gives you a decent range to find what works best with your body type.</p> The projected reliability is about average, which is nothing to complain about in this price range. While you can find some similarly priced ellipticals that have a longer life expectancy, you're just as, if not more likely, to find models costing more than $3,000 that we expect to last as long as this one. The quality of parts is good. There nothing special, but you're getting them at a bargain. Keep in mind the 990 Pro will offer better quality and reliability for only $100 more.</p> The noise level is good. It's at about the same level as most ellipticals are regardless of price. If you want to do better you can, but you're going to have to pay several hundred dollars extra to find a quieter machine. Most users won't be bothered by the level of noise made during operation.</p> The warranty is on the NordicTrack E 7.1 is pretty sad but not surprising considering the cost. Parts and labor are covered for 1 year, while the frame is covered for life. If you haven't decided to purchase this elliptical by now, the amount of coverage certainly won't sway you.</p>


Adjustability 5
Reliability 5
Noise Level 5
Value 6
Warranty 3
Quality 5
Ergonomics 6

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