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NordicTrack E 5.5 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

*2014 Review*

The NordicTrack E5.5 has a solid stride adjustment design and helps make it our 1st Runner Up in our 2014 Best Buy Awards.

Overall Quality

The NordicTrack E 5.5 is known for its solid stride adjustment design which made it our Best Buy 2014 Runner Up $400 to $699 category. The only downside you can find about this machine is its warranty. The company manufacturing this machine is none other than Icon Health and Fitness. They are known to produce space-saving machines which is clearly reflected by the NordicTrack E 5.5. On the other hand, you won't find another elliptical that saves as much space when folded up. This feature is already a big plus when it comes to not-so-spacious rooms during or after workouts. You can certainly find other ellipticals that save more space than the E 5.5, but hey, this one falls on the $599! So be sure to mark up this machine in your list.

But there is the 16-18-20 killer. Aside from its space-saving design, another big favor coming from the E 5.5 is its adjustable stride length. Since it's adjustable, it helps you to develop specific parts of your body, giving you more exercise options to choose from. From 16" going to 18" and then 20", shorter and taller people can ride on it - an amazing multi-user machine for a $599 tag.

This elliptical is built with some quality. You can never find another machine as sturdy as the E 5.5 considering its price. This machine is already comparable to those in the $1000 price range when it comes to sturdiness.

As for the weight expectancy, this machine has a 300 lb. weight capacity. Other ellipticals with this price tag are only capable of giving you a maximum 250 lb. weight capacity. The NordicTrack E 5.5 does not have the best noise level. Other ellipticals offering a price tag same as this machine already have a perfect noise-free feature on them. We rated this 5, which is average, but still you can find more quiet machines around this price tag if noise matters to you most. Additionally, this machine has a below average warranty. NordicTrack E 5.5 is only sitting at a one year warranty for its parts and labor which is quite short. Considering its price, you can already find many less expensive elliptical models that offer the same warranty as this. This just shows that Icon Health and Fitness is not so confident in the longevity of this machine. On the bright side, you would never have to worry about its frame since they offer a robust lifetime warranty on it.

In conclusion, the NordicTrack E 5.5 is a sporty machine that offers above average features with a relatively cheap price tag. This is an acceptable machine to those who are not so rugged when exercising. But, if you prefer a noise free and longer warranty machine, you can find many ellipticals with the same price tag.


Pre-Programmed Workouts 20
Adjustability Rating 2 - 20" Stride
Reliability Rating 5 - 300lb Weight Capacity
Noise Level Rating 5
Value Rating 5
Warranty Rating 2 - Lifetime Frame, 1 Year Parts and Labor
Quality Rating 5
Ergonomics Rating 5 - Rear Drive

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