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NordicTrack E 12.0 Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The E12.0 is big step up from NordicTrack's ellitpicals of the past and really gives Livestrong and Sole a run for their money.

Overall Quality

</p> The noise level is where you would expect it to be. This is a pretty common standard for all ellipticals regardless of price. If the quietness factor is a major concern for you, you can certainly find better at a similar cost, but most users won't find the amount of noise generated during operation to be a problem.</p> The warranty for the NordicTrack E 12.0 is great. Labor is covered for 2 years, parts are covered for 5 years, and the frame is covered for life. This is the kind of coverage that can push you over the edge on a purchasing decision. It really shows a great amount of confidence on the part of the manufacturer.</p>


Adjustability 6
Reliability 5
Noise Level 5
Value 5
Warranty 7
Quality 5
Ergonomics 6

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