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NordicTrack Commercial X32i Treadmill Review

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How long will the NordicTrack Commercial X32i last?

The only problem with buying a treadmill that acts as a home entertainment center as well as a treadmill is that the build usually suffers in order to make room for all the other features. The X32i is certainly no exception. In order to keep the X32i close to the $4,000 dollar mark, NordicTrack could only spend so much of their budget on the actual build. Accordingly, you will not likely be able to keep the X32i as long as you would other treadmills in this price range. We would only recommend the X32i for a moderate runner.

Brief Overview

As if theX22i was not good enough, NordicTrack has come out with the bigger X32i. This feature-packed treadmill is strong and reasonably priced. But we are concerned about how much difference there is between this and the other treadmills on the market. Consequently, we have placed the NordicTrack X32i in our Second Place 2020 Best Buy slot for the $4,000 to $5,999 dollar category.

Overall Quality

Let’s start by laying the groundwork for what we do like about the NordicTrack X32i. This treadmill comes with fifty built-in workouts, a 22 x 65-inch walking area, and a 4.25 horsepower motor. The X32i steals the show among our other top treadmills for this price point with its six levels of decline and forty levels of incline. Additionally, the frame and overall build of this treadmill is relatively solid and should work well for a moderate user. And to top it all off, you get a treadmill with a screen that is bigger than some televisions. The X32i comes with a 32” touchscreen that is equipped with web capabilities and full workout stat display.

But, of course, there are a few setbacks. We see that just within the NordicTrack family there are the first few issues. First off, NordicTrack put so much money into the X32i that they couldn’t add any more value to the warranty. The X32i has the same ten-year frame, two-year parts, and one-year labor warranty as NordicTrack models that are under $1,000 dollars. Since NordicTrack belongs to the very disappointing Icon customer service team, their warranty already does not add much value to their treadmills. Not to mention they didn’t even tack on at least one more year to make it look as though they were trying to provide better service. What is even worse is that when you compare the X22i, NordicTrack’s step down that is about $3,000 dollars full price, you do not really see a difference. Sure, the X32i has ten more inches of screen, but is that really worth the $1,300 dollar price jump? Granted, we have seen that NordicTrack is selling the X32i on sale for $3,999, but you are still talking about an additional $1,000 dollars for ten inches. If you like the X32i, then you may consider looking into the X22i since they are practically the exact same machine.

Looking outside the NordicTrack world, we can see that the X32i just isn’t as strong as the other treadmills in this price category. NordicTrack had to split its budget in order to include so many features which means that the X32i’s build is sorely lacking. If NordicTrack is going to try and contend with other models in this price range, they have to know that the X32i’s build, as of now, is nowhere near the level of quality of the other treadmills.

Things we like

  • 32" Smart HD Touchscreen
  • 50 Built-In Workouts
  • Strong Build
  • Great Value for the Price

Things we dislike

  • X
    Not the Best Warranty
  • X
    Company Who Makes the X32i
  • X
    Too Featured Packed?
  • X
    iFit Technology


Pre-Programmed Workouts 50, 1 Yr iFit Free Membership
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Monitors
Horsepower 4.25
Speed Levels 12
Incline/Decline Range - 6, 40
Weight Capacity 300
Walking Area 22 x 65
Folds No
Unit Weight N/A
Warranty 10 Yr Frame, 2 Yr Parts, 1 Yr Labor


We have yet to have reviewed the Commercial X32i. Please feel free to read some of our other NordicTrack reviews to get a better understanding of their products.


The X32i has a lot of shortcomings when it is compared to other treadmills in this price range. Still, it is hard to deny how much value NordicTrack has managed to pack into one treadmill. If you enjoy the additional features and care less about a treadmill that will last a decade, then our Second Place 2020 Best Buy winner for the $4,000 to $5,999 dollar category may be the treadmill for you.

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Joe Pittsburgh- Shipped broken and still broken a month laterDec 26, 2020

I purchased this unit from Nordictrack directly. It arrived in five days, impressive. However, when i plugged it in it sparked out the end of the track where the motor assembly is located and tripped a breaker in my house. I called Nordictrack and they said they would send me the parts within ten days but couldn't send a tech? I have no idea how they can justify this decision but they have my money and I have their broken machine so I have no choice. Today is 31 days later and I have no working machine, no replacement parts, no tech, and no response from Nordictrack since 10-25-20.