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NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical Review

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How long will the NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 last?

The Nordic Track Commercial 9.9 is not actually a commercial elliptical. So if you think you're getting a $5000 elliptical that can hold up to the rigors of multiple users in a dues-paying facility, think again. There is a reason this elliptical doesn’t cost that much, so you are not getting away with a fast one on Icon. They are actually pulling a fast one on you with a misleading name. Now, this is certainly not the worst built elliptical in the world and it is actually better constructed than a lot of its competition in its price range. You want to assemble this elliptical correctly or pay someone to do it. There are lots of moving parts on ellipticals and a misplaced bolt here or there can lead to catastrophic failures. So what does Icon think about their Nordic Track Commercial 9.9's longevity? Well if the proof is in the pudding, and this pudding smells sour. Icon gives the customer a very short 2-year parts warranty and 1 year of labor. So that should tell you something about their outlook for your elliptical. Now with any elliptical in this price range, you have to have a bit of luck to get a maximum number of years. We feel that if you get lucky, you are not a large heavy user and you start with a good assembly. There really is a good chance you will not have to deal with Icon's notoriously bad customer service department. Hopefully!

Brief Overview

The Nordic Track Commercial 9.9 is a front-drive total-body elliptical. It has a decent-sized flywheel and a short-range auto-adjusting stride. It of course comes with iFit for one year and it has a good selection of onboard workouts. The construction of this 9.9 is fairly good but in no way is this a commercial elliptical as Nordic Track claims. So that is a bit misleading. As with all ellipticals in this price range, there are always some things to pick apart and some things to acknowledge. So we have awarded the NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 our Fourth Place 2021 Best Buy Award for the $1,000 to $1,499 range.

Overall Quality

The Commercial 9.9 has a decent build for a residential elliptical in this price range. It has a good-sized flywheel that should allow for a nice workout for most lighter users. The Silent Magnetic Resistance has 22 levels to choose from which is a pretty good range at this price point. This 9.9 has 20 levels of elevation to choose from which should challenge most users. This Nordic Track comes with 50 uploaded workouts as well as 1 year of iFit so you should definitely have ample cardio adventures. For a front-drive elliptical, it is really not bad looking either. The 7-inch touchscreen console has a good picture and is easy to use when calibrated. The moveable arms are well constructed and heart rate grips on the fixed bullhorn handles are comfortable. <br/> The Commercial 9.9 is however a misleading name. We can not ever recall seeing a Nordic Track 9.9 in a commercial setting. We can assure you that while this Elliptical is okay for most home use it is by no means a commercial elliptical, The build while above par for residential ellipticals in its price range could never stand up to a dues-paying facility. The stride of this elliptical is also a bit short, and although its self adjusting it has a whopping range of adjustment that equals 1.2 inches. So you roughly have a stride of 17.5-18.5 inches. While not a deal-breaker for most it will be a little uncomfortable for taller individuals. Anyway, we really do not recommend this 9.9 for tall or heavy users. We do not feel that this machine would hold up very well or have a smooth stride if you are tall or heavy. You couple a large heavy user with Icon’s very short warranty and notoriously lousy customer service and you have all the makings of a bad experience.

Things we like

  • Nice Size Flywheel
  • Incline Range
  • Nice Looking

Things we dislike

  • X
    Short Stride
  • X
    Short Warranty
  • X
    Icon's Customer Service
  • X
    Not A Commercial Fitness Machine


Number of Programs ifit Streaming
Drive Position Front
Flywheel Weight 25 lb
Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Unit Dimensions 68.25" L x 28.75" W x 68.5" H Footprint
Resistance Levels 22/ Magnetic
Heart Rate Sensor EKG/ Soft Grip Movable
Weight of Unit N/A
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 3 year Parts, and 1 year Labor


This is the first year we have reviewed the Nordic Track Commercial 9.9. See how this elliptical and others in its price range compare in Treadmill Doctor’s 2021 elliptical reviews.


The Nordic Track Commercial 9.9 is a fairly well built residential total body front-drive elliptical for its price range. We wish it had a longer stride and a slightly heavier flywheel but it is on par with its competition. We like the fact that you get a good number of preloaded workouts to choose from as well as the 1 year of iFit. This elliptical has a nice range of both resistance levels and inclines ranges. The stride however is shorter than we would like and are not going to recommend this for tall individuals. We also think that a larger moderate exerciser would not get the resistance they want out of the SMR and the flywheel. If you are a little below average height and weight you will have the best outcome with this machine. If not you will most likely have a bad experience with Icon’s customer service. If this elliptical didn’t have a misleading name and was coupled with a better warranty we probably would have rated this 9.9 higher. As it is, the Nordic Track Commercial 9.9. came in Fourth place on the 2021 Best Buy List for Ellipticals in the $1000-$1499 price range.

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