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NordicTrack C 900 Pro Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Our best buy runner up for the $999 price point. Some parts are cheaper to keep it under $1000 but most people wouldn't notice those.

NordicTrack C 900 Pro Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.49

Icon Health and Fitness is virtually the master of the fitness domain and they have an impressive range of feature packed visually appealing TMs. Their efficiency in mass manufacturing matches the innovative features they add to quality components to create models that are loved by users for the value for money these machines represent.

NordicTrack C900 Pro was the first runner up behind the Smooth 5.65 in the $700 to $999 price range.

What can be said in favor of the TM...

Wonderful and almost silent & powerful 3 HP motor-and-drive combination for smoother workouts

At the $1,000 price point it creates a positive feel when a zingy large frame 3 HP motor marries a 20" x 60" tread belt, and it promises a nearly noiseless workout whether you happen to be walking casually or running rapidly. It can be surmised that you are benefited by a high performance motor that competitors are pushing at higher prices. Imagine having to spend double your money and still get this same motor, so it's worth the investment.

Walking area is OK for walkers and runners

The 20" x 60" is a good prospect when you consider a vastly supportive 3 HP motor that backs the deck drive efficiently. Being a very good fit this work area is ideal for tall and big users, and workouts will be smoother and less wobbly.

The superb QuadFlex cushioning system will protect joints and ligaments from wear and tear and reduce the pressure on feet that endure more exercise. We consider this one of the best running surfaces gracing treadmills in the price range ending at $3,000.

Where some improvements could do wonders...

This is NOT the Holy Grail for serious exercise enthusiasts

Don't mistake us, this is a quality machine, but to be able to peg quality down to a price tag below $1,000 a company has to compromise somewhere. The company has to recover costs to stay afloat. So what we are saying broadly is that the serious athlete or professional trainer shouldn't be racing the derby on this pony but use the services of a genuine horse, splurging at least $1,500 on high-end NordicTrack TMs.

Warranty "protection" is average

Motor and Frame get lifetime coverage while labor gives you 1 year cover and parts coverage lasts 3 years. We rate this as average mainly because the company could have demonstrated more faith in its product and the level of quality they are providing. But considering the quality of components and the averageness of service (a few hick ups there) we settled on a reliability factor that rates above average.

Our Verdict

The NordicTrack C900 Pro will please the normal user who walks and runs a decent mile. The machine components are of good quality and there are loads of features that will keep the user engaged, informed and entertained. For budget conscious users looking at tags within $1,000 this is great value for money. For serious runners, ace athletes or professional trainers, they are better off trying the higher end NordicTrack models, $1,500 and above.

Good machine for the money but if you are a serious user, pay extra to move up in the NordicTrack lineup.