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NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill Review

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How long will the NordicTrack C 700 last?

The Commercial 700 is similar to a dry piece of cake. For starters, you waste a bunch of calories on food that will only sustain you for about thirty minutes. Then to top it off, it is dry and not even all that good. You could eat much more nutritious food like chicken rice noodle bowl or an eight-ounce steak that will sustain you for longer. Or you could enjoy a much better, moist slice of cake that will at least make the indulgence worth it. The Commercial 700 is similar when you compare it to other treadmills on the market. First off, there are higher-end treadmills that may cost a little more but that will last much, much longer than this model. Secondly, even if you remain in this price range, you could at least get a treadmill that will be worth the money. The Commercial 700 is likely best suited for a walker and will probably only last a few years.

Brief Overview

There is certainly a market for beginner treadmills and we usually recommend purchasing treadmills that are a few hundred dollars to ensure quality. But when you break into the eight-hundred-dollar range, you have to be a little more critical because the thousand-dollar range offers so much more quality. Accordingly, the Commercial 700 is not only caught in this in-between price range, but it is also not even the best treadmill in this price range. There are better treadmills for the same price, so we would not recommend this model unless you are just absolutely set on it.

Overall Quality

Other than the price, there is not much to write home about with the Commercial 700. Certainly, there is a time and a place for an affordable treadmill. If you are just starting out and do not want to make much of an investment, or if you are a walker and do not need a big, beefy machine. In these cases, a treadmill in the five hundred to the eight-hundred-dollar range can be appealing. <br/_><br/_> But maybe not this particular model. To start, the Commercial 700 is below our average for this price range in pretty much every category. Our top four treadmills in this price have an average of twenty-six built-in workouts, twelve mph speed capability, fourteen percent incline capacity, and twenty by sixty-inch walking belt. The Commercial 700 only has twenty built-in workouts, ten mph speed capability, ten percent incline capacity, and a twenty by fifty-five-inch walking belt. To top it all off, some of our top treadmills offer three-year warranties. The Commercial 700 only offers a one-year parts and labor warranty. Then we get to the build. The Commercial 700 is so far below our top four average that it is almost comical. You start to wonder why NordicTrack offers this model when they even have treadmills close to this price that are so much better. Maybe it is because the Commercial 700 is so mediocre that it makes their other models look like a good deal. Either way, one would be silly to buy such a below average treadmill for this kind of money when there are much better options for the same amount of money. <br/_><br/_> As a side note, if you are considering treadmills in this price range, let us encourage you to save a little and breach the thousand-dollar mark. Eight-hundred is not that far away from the next tier price range and you receive much better quality. You can go from having a heavy walker treadmill to a jogger or light runner treadmill with just a few extra hundred. Or, if you are a beginner, then maybe consider the six-hundred-dollar range. Most beginners do not need that much quality to help them get started. The Commercial 700 is likely to break down just as fast as a good six-hundred-dollar treadmill, so you might as well save a few hundred if you are a beginner.

Things we like

  • Affordable

Things we dislike

  • X
    Below Average Treadmill
  • X
    Poor Company Care
  • X
    Nothing Special


Number of Programs 20
Heart Rate Sensor and Type Dual CardioGrip heart rate monitor sensors & Chest Strap Compatible
Horsepower 2.75
Speed Range 0 - 10
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 10
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs
Belt Size 20 x 55
Footprint 73 x 36 x 67.5
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 215
Warranty Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 Year Parts, and 2 Year Labor


We have said that the Nordictrack C700 is a solid treadmill for the price. But we have also recognized a few cut corners like the warranty and build. For the most part, we have considered the Commercial 700 a standard treadmill that won’t last long.


We hope to have steered you clear of the Commercial 700. This model is not an awful treadmill, but it simply does not compare to the other treadmills in this price range. Most if not all of the Commercial 700's features are below average. And the quality is not likely to last more than a few years. So why spend so much on such an ordinary treadmill?

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