NordicTrack C 630 Treadmill Review - $799.00

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  • Brief Overview

    NordicTrack makes a great looking machine but is still trying to make a cheap treadmill but they end up just making it cheap. If it had more money in some key areas, it would be acceptable but we guess that's why they sell $999 machines.
  • Overall Quality

    An update of the C 600 for 2015. Same basic design of "let's put the least expensive parts that we can find to get it out of the warranty and then hope we sell them to people who don't use them." You would be amazed at the emails we get regularly from people who need a treadmill for marathon training and they want to know if a $600 or $700 treadmill they have found will work. We had one personal trainer ask us if a $350 unit he found online would work for his clients. AMAZING!
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 7.1
    Power 3
    Cushioning 5.2
    Reliability 4.1
    Noise Level 3.7
    Quality 2.9
    Value 3.7
    Warranty 3.5

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