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NordicTrack C 600 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

If you are a grandma and plan on babying the machine, it could be great for you but a runner will put this one in the grave in short order.

NordicTrack C 600 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 5

Votes in favor of this treadmill...

Walking area is OK for cautious walkers

This may come as a surprise but the tread belt measuring 20" x 55" appears to be this machine's plus point and some higher priced models are repeating this size. Good for first timers getting the feel of a treadmill, and recommended for walking only as the motor generates insufficient power for running.

Cushioning offers support to walkers

The FlexSelect cushioning feature gives average protection for leg muscles in a purely walking mode, and perhaps it's unrealistic expecting anything superior at this price point.

Drawbacks of the treadmill...

Motor barely matches the tread belt

A 2.6 HP smallish motor is not the right fit to power the tread size of 20" x 55" and does not guarantee a satisfying treadmilling experience. Stretching this machine to reach speeds topping 10 mph is fraught with risk. The motor is unlikely to match your enthusiasm and the 25 year warranty is merely ink on paper.

Warranty coverage is disappointing

There's lifetime warranty for frame, 1 year for parts and labor and 25 years for the motor; this only goes to prove that the company has limited confidence in their product and the user shouldn't burden himself with higher expectations.

User weight capacity is exaggerated

325 pounds user weight capacity is wishful thinking. Heavy users will only accelerate wear and tear of drive parts necessitating repairs at increasingly frequent intervals. Try weighing 325 lbs. and running on this machine and see how quickly the belt slips. >With the warranty running out sooner than expected your operational costs will increase. This is not the machine for the long haul.

The final analysis

It is very difficult to get a great treadmill at the $700 price point and the NordicTrack C 600 is not the right fit for the serious runner. If you insist on NordicTrack, the T6.1 is a better option, being a strong contender in the Best Buy award for $400 to $699 segment.

The new entry level NordicTrack just has too many corners cut to be a good option.