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NordicTrack C 600 Treadmill Review

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Where to buy the NordicTrack C 600

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Brief Overview

If you are a grandma and plan on babying the machine, it could be great for you but a runner will put this one in the grave in short order.

Overall Quality

The entry level NordicTrack from 2 years ago just has too many corners cut to be a good option. It looks great until you remove the motor cover and see how much they took out of the machine to get it to a point where it could retail for $699. Think about it, if it retails for $699 retailers are looking for a wholesale price of around $450 and the factory is trying to make at least 35% so they have $295 to build, buy all the parts, pay for the design and tooling, and then box it up and ship it to the customer. How can you build a quality unit? If you thought "you can't," you're right!


Walking Area 7.1
Power 3
Cushioning 5.2
Reliability 3.9
Noise Level 3.5
Quality 2.9
Value 3.5
Warranty 3.5