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NordicTrack C1650 Pro Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Beautiful design and very nice finished product. If we were in this range, we would step up to the 1750 model from the same company.

Overall Quality

The new 2015 updated model for from the C 1630 Pro model. This takes everything just a step further in the evolving design of NordicTrack. At $1,300 I would challenge you to find a model that stacks up against this machine in terms of design and the overall qulity of the parts. You simply won't be able to find anything close. With that said, if you get sucked into the morass that can be NordicTrack's customer service system, you will start believing vodoo so you can make little dolls of the people you are dealing with there and hoping that they REALLY feel the needles you are putting in the doll's eyes!


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