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NordicTrack C 1570 Pro Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

This update of the C1550. This is a good choice if you want a heavy duty machine at a bargain price.

NordicTrack C 1570 Pro Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 6.93

The 1st Runner Up to the NordicTrack C 1600 Pro in our Best Buy Awards in the $1000 to $1299 category.

A major differentiating factor from the earlier model is that one can switch off the QuadFlex cushioning so as to get a pavement running experience, and the QuadFlex cushioning has improved shock sustaining power by a factor of 30%.

What we can say in favor of the treadmill...

A strong motor and improved drive performance

The 3.0 HP motor thrusts power efficiently into the 20" x 60" treadbelt without much fuss giving you a cleaner, smoother and more efficient workout. This is not one of those "3 HP in name only" motors. This is a very large frame, powerful motor that makes working out a breeze.

A strong warranty extending to 5 years and labor warranty reaching 2 years

This is perhaps the best feature of this deal. You enjoy a lifetime motor, frame and parts warranty of 5 years, with the labor warranty covering 2 years.

Incline and decline variations sit easy on your leg muscles

With incline ratio topping 15% and the decline angle dipping as low as -3% you get a decent simulation of the green outdoors adding just the right amount of challenge and variety to the daily routine.

An Interactive Console Screen and not less than 34 workout applications

An attractive console makes reading easier from any angle; speed and time, distance and calories and pulse measurements can be picked off easily as you zoom through a digitally monitored racing track. You have a better chance of chasing away boredom with 34 preprogramed apps ready to present you a challenging range of workouts targeting higher calorie burn at higher speeds and more intensive sessions.

Track cushioning, quick keys and an exuberant audio system

Taller users have the benefit of using a 60" track with QuadFlex cushion minimizing impact and muscle stress related injuries. Quick keys enable immediate variation of incline and speed that lower stress on your lower limbs and joints. Two somewhat tiny speakers connecting you to an InterMix sound system keeps you occupied listening to your favorite music, and there's a port for plugging your iPod and MP3 player. If you just stick to earbuds, you get a much better audio experience.

Features that make you pause in evaluating your purchase

Budget and Cost factor

The marginal cost increase over the older C 1550 model is offset by the additional features, and compensates handsomely for any misgivings that you may harbor. Attaining the $1,299 price level may still be mission impossible for many budget watchers who may have to opt for sub $1,000 machines with features that suit their preferences.

Some Cheaper Parts

The guys at NordicTrack aren't Santa Claus! In order to get the machine down to the $1299 price point, they have to put some cheaper parts on it like a lower cost belt. It doesn't necessarily hurt the performance of the machine but you can wear some parts out quicker than on more expensive machines.

The iFit console/ iFit subscription are an added price burden

This no doubt guarantees a unique experience in racing over varied terrain using Google Maps and enables you to compete online with other users. But accessing iFit Live leaves you poorer through subscription fees.

Our verdict

Definitely more value for your money. The near perfect simulation of outdoor environment is beneficial for users gearing up for outdoor athletics.

One of the best value treadmills on the market. It can take a pounding and hold up with machines costing hundreds more.