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NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Review - $899.00

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  • Brief Overview

    If you have space limitations, the ACT is a value alternative you need to consider.
  • Overall Quality

    One of the biggest questions we receive here is people asking if an elliptical will fit within their available space. The NordicTrack ACT is a sub-$1000 machine that fits into tight spaces without sacrificing a decent workout. Yes, in my opinion their are better machines at this price range, but they also take up a lot more floor space.

    The NordicTrack ACT is a decent elliptical. At $899, you're getting a good deal. You can certainly do better at this price point, but this model is still quite competitive. It has a smaller design, so if you need an elliptical that won't take up a lot of space, you should give this one a look.

    The ergonomics of this machine is its best characteristic. It's got a slightly more natural range of motion than your average elliptical would. That makes it extremely competitive among sub-$1,000 modes, and it even does better than some models that cost a couple thousand more. The range of motion is at the higher end of its price range. The adjustable stride length can be set between 18"-22", which should give you plenty of options to fit your body type. Many of the models that are much more expensive than this one won't provide the same level of adjustability.

    The projected reliability is about average, which is the best you can hope for in such an inexpensive machine. Many of the ellipticals that cost a few hundred dollars more have a shorter life expectancy than this one. The quality of parts is what you hope for in a model that costs $899.

    The noise level is average, which is pretty common across all price ranges. You can certainly find quieter models, but you're probably going to have to pay more it. Most users won't find the level of noise during operation of this machine to be disturbing.

    The warranty on the NordicTrack ACT is okay. Parts are covered for 1 year, the brake is covered for 10 years, and the frame is covered for life. Considering how some of the less expensive models try to skimp on coverage, this isn't a warranty you can complain about.

  • Ratings

    Adjustability 5
    Reliability 5
    Noise Level 5
    Value 5
    Warranty 5
    Quality 5
    Ergonomics 6

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