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Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review 2024

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Nautilus T618 Treadmill Overview


The Nautilus T618 treadmill is a standout model in the fitness world, renowned for its robust design and advanced features. This treadmill offers a 3.5 CHP motor, making it suitable for high-intensity and long-duration workouts. Its Rebound™ Cushioning system minimizes the impact on joints, providing a comfortable and smooth running experience.

One of the most notable features of the T618 is its Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to sync their workouts with popular fitness apps. Moreover, the treadmill has a backlit LCD console displaying vital workout data, including time, distance, speed, and burned calories.

Customer reviews of the Nautilus T618 treadmill are generally positive. Users have commented on its sturdy build, powerful motor, and ease of assembly. They appreciate the diverse range of preset workout programs catering to various fitness levels, enabling beginners and seasoned athletes to customize their exercise regimens. The advanced cushioning system is often highlighted for providing a comfortable workout, reducing the risk of injuries.

Nautilus T618 Overall Quality


The Nautilus T618 folding treadmill has an upgraded 3.5 CHP motor that provides smooth performance and speeds of up to 12 MPH for those who like to sprint during interval training. While the belt remains the same roomy 20” x 60”, it is slightly thicker, and the rollers are a tad bit larger in the T618 design. Users can incline up to a 15% elevation while enjoying the newly patented rebound suspension system that softens the landing at the front of the deck while causing a rallying effect on impact that pushes users forward into their next stride or running pace. It is quite clever and keeps energies high.
Two easy to read blue backlit displays adorn the console of the Nautilus T618 folding treadmill and offer pertinent performance info that stays visible even with streaming devices resting on the integrated tablet holder. The console is configured to hold up to four individual user profiles and comes with 26 built in workouts to keep cardio fitness at the highest levels. Connect to an Explore the World app offers a variety of workouts in different locations with 3 free courses and more available with a paid subscription. The T618 also has a USB port to charge devices, Bluetooth connectivity, and an audio jack for playing music through the integrated speakers.


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Nautilus T618 Specification


Material Steel
Dimensions 57.6"L x 35.2"W x 72.2"H
Power Source Corded Electric
Weight 215 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation 300 Pounds
Number of Programs 26
Maximum Incline Percentage 15
Deck Length 60"
Screen Size 2.5"

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Benefits and Conveniences


The Nautilus T618 treadmill offers many benefits and conveniences, making it a top choice for fitness enthusiasts. Here are some notable features:

  1. Powerful Motor: The Nautilus T618 treadmill has a robust 3.5 CHP motor that ensures smooth and consistent operation, even at high speeds.

  1. Large Running Surface: With a 20" x 60" running surface, the Nautilus T618 offers ample space for users of all sizes and stride lengths.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: The treadmill allows you to sync your workouts with popular fitness apps for comprehensive tracking.

  1. Incline and Speed Controls: The T618 offers a speed range of up to 12 mph and an incline of up to 15%, allowing you to customize your workout intensity.

  2. User-Friendly Console: The console has a dual backlit LCD, making it easy to monitor your workout stats.

Workout Programs


The Nautilus T618 treadmill has an impressive array of workout programs that customers have positively reviewed. Offering a diverse range of 26 programs, this treadmill ensures that users can find a regime that suits their fitness goals and needs. The programs are divided into weight control, healthy heart, interval training, and custom workouts.

This variety caters to beginners and experienced runners, offering suitable programs for a gentle walk or an intensive run. Users have praised the treadmill for its adaptability, with the custom workouts allowing them to tailor their training to their specific requirements. The Nautilus T618 is, therefore, not only a machine for physical exercise - it's a versatile companion for a holistic fitness journey.

Who is the Nautilus T618 Treadmill Best Suited For?


The Nautilus T618 treadmill is ideally suited for beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Its various workout programs and performance-tracking features make it an excellent choice for individuals serious about tracking their progress and meeting their fitness goals.

Thanks to its robust construction and advanced cushioning system, it's also a great option for runners, allowing for high-speed workouts with minimal impact stress. Finally, with its user-friendly console and Bluetooth connectivity, the T618 is perfect for tech-savvy users wanting to blend their fitness routines with their digital lifestyle.



Q. Is Nautilus a good brand?

Yes, Nautilus is considered a reliable brand in the fitness industry. It has been manufacturing fitness equipment for over 40 years, earning a reputation for quality and durability. In particular, the Nautilus T618 treadmill receives high praise in reviews for its robust construction, advanced features, and user-friendly design.


Q. How Durable is Nautilus T618 treadmill?

The durability of the Nautilus T618 treadmill is generally regarded positively. Reviewers mention its sturdy construction, heavy-duty frame, and solid build. The treadmill weighs 253 lbs and can accommodate users up to 350 lbs. However, it's essential to consider individual experiences and conduct thorough research before finalizing its durability.


Q. Is the Nautilus T618 a good treadmill?

The Nautilus T618 is indeed a commendable treadmill. Renowned for its sturdy build and advanced features, the Nautilus T618 treadmill offers an unrivaled running experience. Its robust construction enables it to withstand heavy usage, making it an ideal choice for serious runners. The treadmill hosts various workout programs and customizable options, allowing users to tailor their workouts according to their fitness goals.


Q. What is the weight of the Nautilus T618 treadmill?

The Nautilus T618 treadmill is notable for its heavy-duty design and robust construction. It weighs approximately 253 lbs, a testament to its durability and stability. This weight class places the T618 in the high-end category of home fitness equipment, ensuring a solid and secure workout experience.


Q. What type of treadmills do most gyms use?

Most gyms tend to use commercial-grade treadmills that are durable and equipped with advanced features to provide users with a comprehensive and challenging workout. A popular choice among many fitness centers is the Nautilus T618 treadmill. This model is lauded for its robust construction and impressive range of customizable options, including incline settings, preset workout programs, and detailed performance tracking.