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Elliptical Reviews - Brand & Index
Elliptical Name: Nautilus EV 716
Editor’s Note:

This machine looks like Frankenstein’s monster and with the dynamic stride adjustment – it feels like it too.

MSRP: $3299
Strengths: Warranty
Weakness: Stride mechanism
Reliability: 6
Noise Level: 6
Value: 5
Warranty: 10
Quality: 7
Ergomonics: 2
Overall Rating : 6.00
Review Comments:
The Nautilus EV 716 is . . . well . . . it just makes us speechless.  I have heard a few people say that they like the stride adjustment, but it was just a few.  One thing is for certain, you will love it or hate it and we hate it.  The complexity of the stride adjustment mechanism will make for interesting repair bills in the future, but the exceptional warranty should take care of it.
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