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Merit 715T Plus Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Very basic and only for use by walkers. With that said, for $399, this is one of the best treadmills on the market in the $399 and below price range.

Merit 715T Plus Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 3.67

Johnson Health Tech (JHT) with manufacturing hubs in in China and Taiwan have been specializing in designing low cost fitness equipment for over three decades that has seen them capturing a lion's share of the Asian fitness market. Their core philosophy of creating low cost machines targeting the lowest and median price segments in the US has brought them greater market penetration in the US. The popularity of the Merit 715T Plus underscores the success of this simple philosophy in Merit's US marketing efforts.

However, users would be cautioned not to expect the popularity of the product to translate into something that exceeds any quality benchmark, as that is not the case. It's a simple entry level treadmill and there ends the story.

For the record it must be conceded that the Merit 715T Plus was the first runner up in the popularity sweepstakes just behind Gold's Gym Trainer 410 ($399), rock bottom of the price ladder.

Nothing much to excite a serious runner...

A basic 2.50 HP motor does the honors without much fanfare

At 2.50 HP (if rated on a CD scale, it would probably rate as a fractional motor) this is a motor ideal for light walkers but without the firepower needed for serious training. Any attempt at revving up speeds to 10 mph will only shorten the longevity of this machine. If you run on this treadmill you "run" the real risk of injuring NOT your muscles but your body by rocketing off into outer space.

An 18" x 47" workout area ensures walking comfort not running pleasure

The grossly below average walking area combining with Aerosoft cushioning will provide decent protection to joints by minimizing impact shock, but as we have already emphasized - no running please, only light walking, thank you very much.

The cons outweigh the pros, but...

Is this really the brand you're looking for?

If budget is a millstone around your neck then go for it; you are getting exactly what you are paying for. But for serious runners there are attractive options waiting in the $1,500 and above price bracket.

This is a light-weight contender in the treadmill circuit

The low unit weight of 108 pounds makes it doubtful it will carry persons clocking above 250 pounds in a normal routine. If you stress the treadmill you seriously run the risk of outliving a poor product warranty.

Warranty you won't get in a morgue

You'll be offered a pitiable warranty of a lifetime for frame which is of no consequence when there is barely one year in motor warranty and a pathetic 90 days for parts and labor (the most expensive outflow in any TM). This is the moment when a buyer realizes that the lowest competitive price point has its unspoken downside.

Post mortem of a dead beat...

By pricing it too low the company is sending a clear message that quality is not its unique selling proposition. You will mostly end up holding scrap when the warranty kicks the bucket.

Don't plan on getting years of great use out of this machine. It is a limited machine for those on a limited budget.