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Lifespan TR800 DT7 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

Take a limited use machine and add an adjustment that helps you adjust the desk height when you can't use it because you have run out of time- makes sense to me!

Overall Quality

Electrically adjustable desk height doesn't erase the fact that this treadmill has limited use. Our guess is that the electronic top adjustment is going to last well beyond the drive system of this machine. With this in mind, put $200 with it if this machine interests you and get the TR1200 DT7 model or save $300 and get the DT5 version of the TR1200 series. The type of use that people need for the exercise at work phenomenon is vastly more than what this machine can offer.


Walking Area 5
Power 4.8
Cushioning 5.5
Reliability 3.7
Noise Level 4.1
Quality 3.9
Value 3.1
Warranty 2.5