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Lifespan TR800 DT5 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

If you want an all-in-one treadmill desk and treadmill go with the TR1200 DT5. This one is too limited in application we fear.

Lifespan TR800 DT5 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.49

Not much to say favoring this treadmill...

Weak motor won't propel runners

This 2 HP motor is grossly underpowered for running but works up speeds of 4 mph that walkers will find useful. As this treadmill is designed to work along with an independent desk table, users will not have to walk faster than a strolling pace. The low 3 year warranty cover means this motor has to be handled with kid gloves.

Average walking surface and cushioning

The walking surface measuring 18" x 52" rules out running and is better suited to walking. It's a good 2" less width-wise and 8" shorter than the standard 20" x 60" belt that bigger treadmills boast of, but this is unlikely to dampen the enthusiasm of a walker who finds himself squaring up to a desk table doing his routine office work.

Cushioning is average at this price point. You will see better and more forgiving surfaces in lower priced models. It will support low powered walking without promising all out protection to straining feet and back muscles and joints.

Points you would do well to ponder before buying this treadmill...

Runners better run away from this machine

This is a low powered treadmill designed for users to walk comfortably in conjunction with an office table top bought in as an independent accessory. That is why it has limited application. Serious runners should focus on treadmills that are better powered, have bigger surfaces and improved cushioning.

Warranty is discouraging

Labor and parts are covered for 1 year, the motor is covered for 3 years, and the frame is covered for life, making this an abysmal warranty that is a virtual red flag at the higher $1,300 price point. The hapless user is paying more upfront for buying a machine that is guaranteed to increase his cost overload when repairs and maintenance come uninvited.

The reliability stakes

There are treadmills that deliver better quality parts, provide improved features, promise better longevity and carry more satisfying warranties in the $1000 to $1299 category. As a package the TR800 DT5 enjoys absolutely no competitive edge over competing brands at the $1,300 price point.

The final diagnosis

We do not recommend the TR800 DT5 as it is a model that has outlived its utility.

The Lifespan TR1200 DT5, on the other hand, is 3rd Runner Up in the Best Buy Awards and is worth paying $200 extra for. In comparison to the TR800 DT5, it provides a bigger running surface and has improved cushioning and better quality parts, backed by a marginally better warranty.

We believe that if you use this one all day you are going to be buying another one in short order.