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Lifespan TR6000i Treadmill Review

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How long will the Lifespan TR6000i last?

The Lifespan TR6000i treadmill is designed for light commercial use and comes with upgraded aluminum side rails and thicker handrails. The TR6000i has a steel frame and decent motor that are both covered by lifetime warranties, along with a 7-year parts warranty, and 1 year labor warranty. Scheduled maintenance care will help extend the lifetime of this machine along with unplugging it between workouts and simply wiping it down after use. Moderate users will have many lasting years of workout intensity with this treadmill.

Brief Overview

The Lifespan TR6000i treadmill is designed to provide stellar performance with highly functioning elements that take users to heights and depths of fitness pleasure. While designed for commercial use, it is a beast in a home setting with multiple attributes that are suited to a vast array of users who want to take their fitness journey to the next level. Modeled more towards walker and joggers, its robust features will keep workout intensities high while remaining budget friendly at less than $3000.

Overall Quality

The Lifespan TR6000i treadmill does not fold and requires a dedicated workout space. It has a 3.5 HP AC motor which is a tad bit more noisy but powerful enough to keep sweat building through multiple workouts while users glide upon the roomy 22” x 60” surface that is just right for taller and wider exercise fans. The TR6000i has a max speed of 13.5 MPH which allows sprints here and there for users who need the extra pounding in their heart and appreciate interval training. While the incline is a wee bit on the shorter side than most models in this price range, Lifespan more than makes up for it with the 3% decline which is an advantage for those who want to intensify their lower body workouts. In addition, 8 shock absorbers placed throughout the TR6000i reduce painful impacts on joints and bones. The Lifespan TR6000i treadmill offers connection to the Lifespan app to transmit performance data information while Bluetooth speakers allow the sound of music to push users to higher exercise peaks. There are 46 built in programs that are tailored towards a variety of training intensities and included is a Rockport Fitness Test that determines users’ fitness levels and was created by exercise physiologists to help determine what exercise route is best for each individual person. The 10” full color touchscreen is easy to use and offers distinct displays to further increase user interaction.

Things we like

  • warranty
  • running surface
  • commercial grade quality
  • 3 decline levels

Things we dislike

  • X
    limited technology


Belt Size 60"L x 22"W
Drive Motor 3.5 HP Continuous Duty AC
Incline Motor 800 lbs Maximum Lift
Rollers 3.0" Front Roller Reduces Belt Tension and Extends Belt Life;2" Rear Roller
Speed Range 0.5 to 13.5 mph
Incline 13 Levels of Incline, 3 Levels of Decline
Deck Suspension 8 Independent Compression Shocks Reduce Joint Impact
Deck 1" Phenolic Deck is Heat Resistant and Flexible, Guaranteeing Years of Use
Folding System Non-Folding
Transport 2 Front-Mounted Wheels for Easy Forward/Backward Mobility and Storage
Side Rails: Aluminum Side Rails Side Rails Provide Balance and Safety while Starting and Stopping the Treadmill Belt
Dimensions 74.5"L x 35"W x 55.5"H
Step-Up Height 9"
Max. User Weight 350 lbs
Power Requirements Requires a 115V NEMA 5-15 Non GFI Circuit


Frame: Lifetime Motor: Lifetime Parts: 7 Years Labor: 1 Year


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The Lifespan TR6000i treadmill is built to last in both commercial and home settings and offers quality features at a budget friendly rate for users who span the fitness spectrum. It has a hearty build and components to enable technology to a degree which is appealing on multiple fronts to purchasers interested in both walking and jogging their way to new fitness heights. The decline feature is optimal in this price range and increases workout intensities with the ability to go up and down during exercise routines. All in all, this is a hearty robust machine that will last many years and is a great investment for those who are looking for a commercial grade machine with an at home price.