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Lifespan tr5500im Treadmill Review

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How long will the Lifespan tr5500im last?

The Lifespan TR5500iM treadmill is built of quality steel and can hold users up to 350 lbs. It is a heavy-duty folding treadmill and will last moderate users many years of workout fun. The TR550iM carries a lifetime warranty on both the frame and motor, and Lifespan continues coverage with 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor. It has a compact design and can be easily rolled to side when workouts are complete on 4 transport wheels.

Brief Overview

The Lifespan TR5500iM treadmill offers quality specs at a mid-level price and is suitable for most power walkers. It offers features over many comparable folding models and is built to last a long time with the warranties to match. While the technology is still on the low side, Lifespan did update this model with the ability to mirror the screen of a user’s streaming device and allow 10” of viewing pleasure for shows and other entertainment options.

Overall Quality

The Lifespan TR5500iM treadmill is a workhorse in a folding treadmill and is designed for all levels of cardiovascular workouts from beginners to serious runners. Those with longer strides or larger frames will comfortably move on the 22” x 60” running surface which is powered by a 4.0 HP CD motor. The 4.0 is designed for longer use periods with higher workloads and has a high speed of 13.5 MPH which is plenty fast enough for those wanting to add sprinting to their workout fun. The TR5500iM reaches elevation levels of 13% and has an additional decline of 2% which is appealing for those who want intense glute workouts. There are no worries on painful impacts as the 1” deck and 8 shock absorbers cushion effects on joints and bones while muffling sound for those who workout in apartments or near others. Lifespan has added a new dimension to the TR5500iM treadmill with screen mirroring capabilities. While not the most technologically advanced, this at least gives users 10” of viewing pleasure when they are not concentrated on performance statistical displays. There are also over 50 built in workouts and the ability to create and save your own if none of those suit your fitness needs. Bluetooth capabilities and a USB port allow Lifespan app updates of performance information and the ability to listen to music through the integrated speakers which in turn, induces workout flow. There are also conveniently located heart rate sensors to keep users on target during exercise routines.

Things we like

  • warranty
  • 10” touchscreen with mirroring capability
  • quality features

Things we dislike

  • X
    higher price point


Belt Size 60"L x 22"W
Drive Motor 4.0 HP Continuous Duty DC
Belt Type 2.2mm Thick Belt
Incline Motor 800 lbs Maximum Lift
Rollers 2.5" Front, 2" Rear
Speed Range 0.5 to 13.5 mph
Incline 13 Levels
Deck Suspension 8 Independent Compression Shocks
Deck 1" Phenolic
Folding System EZfold™
Transport 2 Front-Mounted and 2 Rear-Mounted Wheels for Easy Forward/Backward Mobility and Storage
Side Rails: Non-Slip Plastic Side Rails Provide Balance and Safety while Starting and Stopping the Treadmill Belt
Dimensions: Unfolded: 73"L x 34.5"W x 55.5"H, Folded 40.5"L x 34.5"W x 65.5"H
Step-Up Height 9"
Max. User Weight 350 lbs
Power Requirements Requires a 115V NEMA 5-15 Non GFI Circuit


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The Lifespan TR5500iM is an all-around quality treadmill that is built with durability in mind and appeals to fitness fans of all levels. It is compact and easy to move yet offers a strong build that allows even runners to reach satisfying workout peaks during exercise routines. It is still priced relatively budget-friendly and comes backed by lifetime warranties which add value to each purchase as longevity in a treadmill is a major draw to anyone interested in starting or continuing their fitness journey for many years to come.