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Lifespan TR5000 DT5 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The Best Buy winner for treadmill desks! The best integrated treadmill desk unit on the market today in an affordable price range. Be sure you are committed to this type of exercise because it will set you back more than $2k.

Lifespan TR5000 DT5 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 6.43

Lifespan emerging from PCE Fitness has been around since the early 90s. Offering attractive designs and compact machines crammed with features, with prime focus being on quality of components, has been their guiding philosophy.
Over the years we have seen the company become aggressive in pricing by mixing components in attractive packages with a view to propel growth through mass marketing avenues. The result is a slew of high end machines offering better value for money.

The company has been very impressive in the marketing realm and they have quickly organized a huge network of dealers for their products, pinching pennies wisely where it matters to score higher sales.

With the Lifespan TR5000 DT5 they have created a machine that has become the Best Buy winner in the Treadmill Desk category.

Bragging points?

  • Outstanding 3HP motor, powerful enough to back any workout

The motor packs enough verve and power to race you through almost any exercise routine, and the effects can be instantly felt in a quieter more efficient motor-drive combo that is capable of hitting higher speeds. Ironically, you won?t be using a fraction of that power because this is a treadmill desk that you won?t be walking beyond 2 mph.

  • 20" x 56" Walking Belt and supportive cushioning ideal for the measured walk

The 20" x 56" belt area is excellent for a TM that will be used mainly for walking, and taller and larger users will find it easy to accommodate a lengthier stride without fearing they may slip of the edges.
With walking being the main activity, the above average level of cushion comfort adequately compensates the rigors of walking over a long period of time. The DT5 can take more punishment than it is built for and promises greater reliability which gives it a definitive edge over lower priced models. Users are advised to time their exercise routines with sufficient breaks in between to rest the TM and not wear out its drive through sustained uninterrupted use.

  • An adjustable desk brings the office into your workout routine

What makes this machine something of a Prima Donna is its desk feature. In fact this TM is no longer a piece of real estate parked in a gym. It converts sedentary office time into an active workout routine producing something like a working-walking office. It?s a great way of taking decisions on the move!

Flagging points?

  • This machine is designed for walkers not runners

The treadmill desk design makes this ideal for the office executive who wants to integrate office work with his workouts He will be using his PC, laptop, or iPad while he walks at a comfortable pace, and running would be the last thing on his mind. Though this is not constructed for athletes, safety and quality of components ensures a comfortable exercise regimen.

  • Way above budget for the casual user

What is being offered is not a running machine, it?s an office walker or shall we say a home-office walker that enables users to enhance their work experience while walking their TM. Lifespan has priced their value TMs in the $699-$1,499 TR series and have reserved their premium offers for the $2,000-$3,500 range. So it is up to the consumer to choose a model that suits his budget and precise fitness requirements.

  • Noise would be a handicap in the office setup

Though we have rated the noise reduction feature as being above average, we feel it can be a bit too noisy in an office environment at the highest speed settings. If you are only using it at 1-2 mph the noise is not a factor at all.

  • Warranty 1 year on labor, 2 years on parts, 3 years on motor, and lifetime on frame.

This is a truly pathetic warranty that doesn?t do justice to such a high priced model. This is a major handicap and users would do well not to run or overwork the motor or wear out the drive too quickly inviting unnecessary repairs.

The final diagnosis

Lifespan appears to have created a winner if they were aiming at the office crowd craving for treadmill and office desk integration. It is little wonder that the company have cornered the Best Buy category for Desk TMs. If it were just a treadmill, this would be a great option.  With the integration of the treadmill desk, it makes a claim for a unique position in the industry.