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Lifespan TR5000 Desk Base Only Treadmill Review

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How long will the Lifespan TR5000 Desk Base Only last?

The Lifespan TR5000 Desk Base Only is built with durability in mind with aluminum sides and a weight of 119 lbs. It can hold users with a max weight of 400 lbs. and is backed by a warranty by Lifespan along with an extended warranty offered by a third-party vendor. The TR5000 comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 3-year motor, 2-year parts, and 1 year labor warranty. It is designed to last and moderate users will enjoy a multitude of walking hours with a proper maintenance routine.

Brief Overview

The Lifespan TR5000 Desk Base Only does not require assembly and can be used straight out of the delivery box. There are many upgrades that make the TR5000 a valuable option for encouraging workers to get up and walk instead of sitting their workday away. The health benefits are amazing, and movement tends to increase overall productivity if users are capable of walking at the same time they work. Sort of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time – many people cannot consistently do this without concentrated effort.

Overall Quality

The Lifespan TR5000 Desk Base Only is larger and better than the TR1200 in many ways. It comes with aluminum side rails and a larger 3.0 motor that extends the daily usage up to a 9-hour recommended use which is great for those who work longer days or nights. It is incredibly easy and simple to use and offers a chance to change the sedentary work life to one that will shift operators towards a more active work life. Console choices come either with the retro look or a sleek design that will fit any modern workspace while displaying performance information that allows users to keep up with a variety of details. A total of 6 shock absorbers muffle noise and vibrations that enable the office environment to remain free of noise pollution. The deck is a full inch thick and is made to be reversible, extending the life expectancy and adding more value to the machine. It has been thoroughly upgraded from the TR1200 and is a quality way to improve the workday.

Things we like

  • warranty
  • updated features
  • console options

Things we dislike

  • X
    Higher price for a purpose built treadmill


Belt Size 20" x 50" (51 x 127 cm)
Drive Motor 3.0 HP Continuous Duty DC
Assembly No Assembly Required
Belt Type Heavier Duty Belt
Speed 0.4 to 4.0 mph (Max. Speed Can Be Set to 2.0 mph if Desired)
Deck Suspension 6 Independent Compression Shocks
Deck 1" (2.5 cm) Phenolic Deck
Average Amp Draw 1.2 Amps average High speed 1.7A, low speed 0.7A
Side Rails Aluminum Side Rails
Console Dimensions 12.5"W x 3"D x 2"H (31.75 W x 7.6 D x 5.1 H cm)
Treadmill Dimensions 63"L x 28.5"W x 7.25"H
Step-Up Height: Belt: 4.6"; Side Rails 5.25"
Weight: Treadmill: 119 lbs; Console 3 lbs
Max. User Weight 400 lbs
Incline: Not Available Walking at an incline while working is not recommended by ergonomists as it takes your body out of a neutral position and places strain on your back and joints.
Marked Belt With a motor so quiet, treadmill belt markings help you and coworkers identify when the belt is moving.
Transport Treadmill has 2 front-mounted transport wheels for easy mobility.


Frame: Lifetime Motor: 3 Years Parts: 2 Years Labor: 1 Year


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The Lifespan TR5000 Desk Base Only is an earth-shattering way to add fitness options to an existing standing work desk. It is well built and durable and comes with a warranty backed by a quality name brand. The TR5000 is a way to keep moving throughout your workday and provides tremendous health benefits simply by walking. Continuous movement is the wave of the future, and the Desk Base Only design by Lifespan is a great way to start an active work life.