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Lifespan TR4000i Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

This is not the best effort that Lifespan has ever put on the market. You are either better off in the upper or lower end of Lifespan's lineup.

Lifespan TR4000i Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.67

Bragging points...

Powerful motor stabilizing a great running surface

The large frame 3.25 HP motor packs a powerful punch. This is one feature that can proudly stand up to models double the price of the TR4000i. 12 mph speeds are easily attainable on this treadmill, and serous runners will enjoy stretching their goals by challenging their endurance limits. Overall, we see a good motor-drive system synergy making the workout more efficient. Lifespan provides a satisfying lifetime warranty protection for the motor.

An expansive treadbelt for extreme runners

Nothing could be more fulfilling for an extreme runner than a treadbelt measuring 20" x 60". This will provide plenty of space for bigger and taller users to run comfortably without compromising their stride length and momentum.

Better cushioning and an orthopedic belt

The physically challenged will have reasons to cheer as this model comes with an orthopedic belt although we contend that an ortho belt provides little benefit. Lifespan has provided a fairly decent cushioning job with an orthopedic belt and eight variable density elastomers providing higher impact protection for back and joints. The high powered motor withstands the higher wear and tear associated with an orthopedic belt.

A good warranty

This is a good warranty that covers labor for 1 year, parts for 5 years, and the motor and frame for life, but there are improved warranties as the one that comes with the pricier Smooth 9.65LC ($1,999) that won the Best Buy Award.

Flagging points...

Costly for the average buyer

Certainly, the $1,700 price tag is way beyond normal budgets for good running treadmills. The TR4000i can be described as a value for money machine priced around $500 lower than the premium segment models offered by Lifespan. Budget buyers would do better to concentrate on treadmills that offer good features at more affordable prices touching $1,000.

The reliability stakes

If you are looking for quality parts and reasonably good longevity then this is a fairly decent model, though you will find the situation improving as you move to high end Lifespan models.

The final diagnosis

We are not saying the TR4000i is a bad model, but if you stay focused on improved power generating capability, higher quality parts and a stronger warranty, all that is yours in the Lifespan TR5000i which is just $300 extra. If you are pinching pennies the TR3000i is the smaller, lower powered version that will save you $200.

This one is like the missing child in the Lifespan lineup. Great features but you can get their full AC unit for only $300 more. Well worth paying the extra for the full AC unit.