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Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk Treadmill Review

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How long will the Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk last?

The Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk weighs a decent 114 on the base and 60 lbs. on the desk and can hold users up to a max weight of 350 lbs. Lifespan backs this treadmill desk with a lifetime frame warranty, 3 years motor, 2 years parts, and 1 year labor warranty. Extended warranties are available when purchasing through the partnership with a 3rd party vendor increasing the invested value. Light use will allow operators quite a few years of walking pleasure with the right amount of care and maintenance.

Brief Overview

The Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk throws conventionality to the ground with a progressive way of changing a sedentary work life to an exciting challenging work life using continuous lower body movement. Its footprint is slightly larger than its predecessor the TR1000 allowing longer strides during walking peaks. The Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk also can offer up to 6 hours of use for those who are able to entertain shorter working days.

Overall Quality

The Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk is an innovative design that allows users to walk their workday away instead of sitting in a bid for a healthier lifestyle. It has a 2.25 HP CD motor that is capable of speeds up to 4 MPH but that might be a wee bit too fast for those trying to accomplish work tasks. Noise is kept to a minimum through a judicious design that incorporates 6 shock absorbers for quiet operation in a workplace setting. The TR1200 is customizable with a manual adjustment for the perfect height and the desk comes in a variety of colors that are pleasing to the eye. The Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk comes with an integrated console in the armrest located at the edge of the desk and includes pertinent performance stats which can then be transferred to the LifeSpan Club app through Bluetooth capabilities. The TR1200 Treadmill Desk remains clutter free with a patented internal cable management system that keeps safety paramount while refining the look of the actual work area.

Things we like

  • warranty
  • color options
  • increase in movement

Things we dislike

  • X
    boxy look
  • X
    integrated arm rest


Desktop Color Modern White/Obsidian Black
Frame Color Charcoal/Silver
Desktop Width 38"
Belt Size 20" W x 50" L
Drive Motor 2.25 HP High Torque Continuous Duty DC
Belt Type 2-Ply
Speed 0.4 to 4.0 mph (Max. Speed Setting Defaults to 2.0 mph but Can Be Set to 4.0 mph if Desired)
Incline: Not Available Walking at an Incline While Working is Not Recommended by Ergonomists as it Takes Your Body Out of a Neutral Position and Places Strain on Your Back and Joints
Deck Suspension 6 Independent Compression Shocks
Deck 3/4" Phenolic with Brace
Transport Treadmill has 2 Front-Mounted Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility
Side Rails Non-Slip Plastic
Assembled Dimensions 68.5"D x 38"W
Desktop Dimensions 38"W x 29"D
Step-Up Height: Belt: 4.6"; Side Rails 5.25"
Weight: Treadmill: 114 lbs; Desk 60 lbs
Max. User Weight 350 lbs
Shipping Dimensions Box 1 67"L x 30"W x 9"H
Shipping Dimensions Box 2 38"L x 11"W x 12"H
Shipping Dimensions Box 3 41"/50"L x 33"W x 3"H


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The Lifespan TR1200 Treadmill Desk encourages users to get on their feet and start walking the workday away. It comes with safety features and Bluetooth technology while keeping people motivated to keep moving on a continuous basis. It has a range of manual adjustments to fit most any height and is quiet enough not to bother coworkers if located in an office setting. It is progressive and radical in a world of couch potatoes and might possibly change the work force in a positive way as who would not love getting paid to exercise on a daily basis?