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LifeFitness X8 TRACK Elliptical Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The TRACK console addition to the X8 makes no rational sense to purchase when you can get the GO console version for $1200 less from

LifeFitness X8 TRACK Elliptical Review







Noise Level:










Overall Rating: 6.55

Perhaps the best and worse thing that LifeFitness did is start selling through Costco has forced LifeFitness to be more rational in their pricing, but it has also exposed their ridiculous pricing structure for what it is.

The Lifefitness X8 TRACK is another overpriced Lifefitness model that sells for $4,699. Stick with the GO model for $1,200 less, it's one of the few ellipticals from Lifefitness that we actually recommend. Their isn't much improvement with this model, except for a few extra programming options.

Ergonomically speaking, this model is pretty good. You can definitely find cheaper ellipticals that offer a more natural range of motion, but it's fairly rare. This is the one clear advantage the TRACK version has over the GO model. You don't get the type of adjustability that you should get when you pay $4,699. The stride length is electronically adjustable from 18" to 24", which gives you a decent amount of variation. There is also some options as far as the eddy current resistance, but you have a lot more adjustability on other models that cost as much as this one does.

As far as projected reliability is concerned, this elliptical isn't very good. Almost every other model that sells for more than $4,000 has a longer life expectancy. The quality of parts is good, but you can find models that use much higher quality parts in this price range. True Fitness and Precor put out higher quality machines that cost significantly less than this one.

The noise levels of this machine is average. This is pretty common among ellipticals regardless of the price. If you are really concerned about quietness during operation, you can find quieter models at a lower price, but we don't expect the average user to be bothered by the amount of noise this one makes.

The warranty on the Lifefitness X8 TRACK is really good. Labor is covered for 1 year, 2 years on Activity Zone, parts are covered for 7 years, 10 years on the resistance system, and lifetime on the frame and Lifesprings. This is the type of coverage you expect to see when spending such a large amount of money on an elliptical.