LifeFitness T5 Go Console Treadmill Review - $4,399.00

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  • Brief Overview

    Has a more compelling story than the T5.0 but if you are already at $4k, why not step up to the Club? Also with what True is offering in this range, I would take a hard look before plunking down $4,400 on this one.
  • Overall Quality

    A great looking model for Lifefitness but at $4,400 you start to wonder if you should be getting more than looks. This one borrows the drive system from the prior models so this is more of a cosmetic exercise with a dressed up console. When you consider what True and Precor offer in the mid $4k range, it is amazing the difference in quality and value. Lifefitness really should put much more into the T5 but they are living on the reputation of the club models. If you must have a Lifefitness spend the extra $1ik on the entry club model.
  • Ratings

    Walking Area 9
    Power 7
    Cushioning 7.1
    Reliability 6.4
    Noise Level 6.2
    Quality 6.2
    Value 2.8
    Warranty 7.6

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