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Landice R7 Recumbent Bike Review

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How long will the Landice R7 Recumbent last?

Landice is known for building quality fitness equipment. This bike comes with a warranty, not the best but a fair one. The warranty along with Landice’s reputation leads us to believe that this bike will last you a while, given it is maintained properly.

Brief Overview

The Landice R7 Recumbent comes in towards the top of its class since Landice has a reputation for building worthwhile fitness equipment. Landice lack of technology makes this bike less than exciting. Consequently, we rate the Landice R7 Recumbent our second-place winner for 2021 Best Buy for the $2000 to $2999 price point.

Overall Quality

The R7 Recumbent has some nice features that make it appealing to certain buyers.

We like that the price is towards the lower end of the price category and yet Landice being known for their well-built machines, doesn’t try to reflect that in their pricing. We can tell that Landice is standing behind their product offering a warrant that is as follows: Lifetime Parts, and one-year labor. The R7 Recumbent lacks in certain areas that would have made it rank higher on our list.

We like to see bikes at this price point with a heavier flywheel than the fifteen-pound flywheel on the R7. The R7 doesn't compare well with others in its class because it only has 20 levels for resistance, where others in its price point have 30 resistance levels. Finally, the lack of Technology or the lack thereof is another reason the R7 didn't take the first-place spot.Bikes with more technology allow you to watch streaming channels, shop online, and watch an instructor encourage you to complete your fitness goal.

Things we like

  • Good Price for Value
  • 15 Preprogrammed Workout
  • Good Warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
    15 lbs Flywheel Weight


Number of Programs 15
Console 9" LCD
Flywheel Weight 15 lbs.
Drive System Type N/A
Resistance Levels 20
Seat Adjustable
Handlebars EKG
Pedals Strap
Transport Wheels Front
Foot Print 65.74 x 25.31 x52.20
Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
Unit Weight 205 lbs.
Warranty Lifetime Parts and 1 year Labor


This is the first time the Treadmill Doctor has reviewed the Landice R7 Recumbent. We invited you to see our Landice reviews as well as other bike reviews to help you narrow your search for your next fitness machine


The R7 Recumbent may be the bike for you if you are looking for a quality well-built machine. If you are looking for a bike with great technology, you clicked on the wrong review. Thus this is why we have placed the Landice R7 Recumbent as the second-place winner for 2021 Best Buy for the $2000 to $2999 price point.

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