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Landice E7 Executive Elliptical Review

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Brief Overview

The E7 Executive has one of the best looking consoles you will ever see. The $1500 you pay for it, though, would be better spent on a new 4K LCD TV to put on the wall in front of it in our opinion. The electronics on the Executive Trainer doesn't measure up to what you can buy on a $1500 NordicTrack. When you compare the E7 to the E7 Pro, which is the same machine with a different console it doesn't look nearly as good. Especially if you consider the $1500 price difference. We would stick with the E7 Pro if you want a Landice elliptical.

Overall Quality

Landice builds ellipticals that hold up under almost all environments both home and commercial. With an outstanding console, a beast of a machine underneath, Landice provides a top-quality option for consumers.

The Landice E7 Executive is the best of the E7 series. Like all the other models Landice makes, this one has the quality and durability that you hope for in an elliptical. It also has a great console, which is what separates it from the other models in this lineup, but at $4,295 you won't be getting it for cheap.

Ergonomically speaking, this machine is excellent. Very few of the ellipticals we reviewed can provide a more natural range of motion. The adjustability is okay. The stride length can be set anywhere between 17-23", which gives you the ability to fit this machine to your personal body type. You can, however, find much cheaper machines that will provide you with more options for adjustments if you know where to look.

As far as projected reliability is concerned, this model is great. Unfortunately, at $4,295 the durability of this elliptical is not at all impressive. There are some models that sell for $2,000 less than this one that have a longer life expectancy. The quality of parts is also very good, but it is diminished by the high price tag of this model.

The noise levels of this machine are lower than average. Most ellipticals make about the same amount of noise regardless of price, but this is one of the few that is quieter than most. If noise levels are a major concern for you, there are one or two ellipticals in this price range that are quieter during operation.

The warranty on the Landice E7 Executive is excellent. Labor is covered for 1 year, while wear items, parts, and the frame are covered for life. Your not going to find an elliptical with a better warranty than this one has. Landice may overcharge, but they always provide quality combined with great coverage.


Adjustability 4
Reliability 6
Noise Level 5
Value 2
Warranty 7
Quality 6
Ergonomics 6


After the E7 Pro, the E7 Executive is the second Landice elliptical we would recommend. While not worth the $1400 more you will pay for the console if you can get a significant discount we could see purchasing it because the base machine is extremely durable and the Executive console is outstanding.

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