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Horizon T303 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Much more competitive pricing this year makes this one to consider in the $1000 price range. Some strong quality in key areas.

Horizon T303 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 5.62

Factors favoring the treadmill...

A motor that does a competent job

This is a good 2.5 HP motor that you commonly find in this price range and in some models at lower price points. It can attain speeds of 12 mph in a relatively noise free ambiance and gels reasonably well with a standard walking belt to power a satisfying exercise routine. We finally see Horizon making amends for the rather poor quality of lower priced models.

Walking belt is well suited for regular exercising

The walking surface with an area of 20" x 60" happens to be the gold standard for most treadmills that are making a mark in the fitness circuit. This provides sufficient space for larger users to execute a comfortable walking routine.

The PerfectFLEX Plus cushioning is value for money

This may not be the most forgiving surface for a walker or mild jogger but it definitely packs enough cushioning offering decent protection to knees, joints and stressed muscles. Serious runners need to look at higher priced options if they want any significant improvement.

Preset programs and incline variations are sufficient for a challenging routine

A clutch of 12 preset programs and incline variation maxing at 12% provide just the right incentive to jack up the intensity and duration of routine workouts. Nothing outstanding but definitely value for money at the sub $1,000 point.

Adding fair value for money invested

Finally we get to see competitive pricing wedded to selective improvements in component quality. This is one of the more popular models at the sub $1,000 level.

Factors that make you pause and reflect...

Warranty not up to the mark

The warranty for this treadmill is 1 year on labor, 2 years on parts, and lifetime for motor and frame, which is nothing to crow about. But then, Horizon has not been very generous with their warranties in lower end models, perhaps realizing their parts won't last the long haul.

Has low machine weight and lower tolerance for heavier users

Getting 300 pound users to work out on a 165 pound treadmill is an open invitation to mechanical breakdowns. You will be calling the service personnel sooner than later and working up higher maintenance bills in the absence of a strong warranty.

This folding treadmill has a fairly high footprint

The unfolded dimensions are a reasonably large 76.5" L x 34" W x 58.5" H and you need prior space planning before bringing this machine home.

The final analysis

The Horizon T303 breezes past the victory mark as far as normal regular users are concerned but if you are really looking to improve value for your money why not take a closer look at the Best Buy winners and runners up in this price category that are all NordicTrack.

Not a bad treadmill but not great either, especially when you see what NordicTrack is making in this price point.