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Horizon T101 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A multi-year Best Buy winner for Horizon! With the updates on the new T101-4 model for this year, they have another winner!

Horizon T101 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 5.7

Johnson, the company producing these treadmills have their manufacturing base located in China and Taiwan. They have adopted the simple philosophy with Horizon of penetrating the US market with treadmills that are priced competitively in the low and median price segments, for maximum sales. The popularity of the new model and improving market share underlines the success of that philosophy.

What goes in favor of the treadmill

The Motor breaks marginally above the average mark

With a motor that offers you 2.25 HP at a cost below the upper $800 price point you are getting a version that is a marginal improvement over the usual 2 HP motor doing the rounds, and with better noise reduction. But it works reasonably well in combination with a 20" x 55" tread belt to give the user a satisfying treadmill experience.

A range of 30 preset programs; more variety to conquer boredom

It's not uncommon to find many competitors, in the same price range, offering a minimum of 24 programs, and Horizon's 30 preset programs is definitely a plus point when the aim is to add value to the paying consumer.

Adding value to your purchase

This is a very popular treadmill at the $700 price point and the user isn't paying more than necessary for build quality and extras.

Features that make you pause in evaluating your purchase

1 year parts and labor warranty is not up to expectations

Frame and motor have a lifetime warranty but for parts and labor you get only one year warranty that robs you of the cushion to deal with servicing needs. Though this may be marginally above what competing models provide, it may not help when cheaper parts wear out frequently.

treadmill weight / user weight ratio does not favor heavier users

Weighing in at 165 pounds this treadmill is not sturdy enough to take on users clocking over 250 pounds. Even with regular usage there is higher risk of running into operational problems as cheaper parts wear out.

No adjustable cushioning to minimize injuries

Existing treadmill cushioning would be adequate to meet the needs of the average runner, but professional runners and people with orthopedic disabilities will rue the absence of adjustable cushioning features. For this segment there is considerably less protection from muscle injury. To be fair, this is a feature you rarely find on higher priced TM's so it would be obviously cost prohibitive to supply.

Not a machine for runners

Not recommended for anyone that wants to run on a treadmill. Thankfully they only have the deck length at 55" so at least taller runners might feel constrained but no one should use this for running. Power walkers and the sort should be in a higher price point too. Not for the serious trainer.

The final analysis

The Horizon T101 is at best a small and quite operator, sturdy enough for the average runner/exerciser, with price as its biggest attraction and the warranty as its biggest weakness. One of the best efforts Horizon has made at the $700 price point. A solid mechanical design combined with better quality parts than they have used in the past makes for a unit that is surprisingly acceptable for the price.