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Horizon T101 Treadmill Review - $699.00

  • Rating

  • How Long Will The Horizon T101 Last?

    You wouldn't buy an Accord if you were needing to haul a boat to the lake. In the same sense, if you are a serious exerciser, then you would be wise to avoid lower-end treadmills that will not withstand a great deal of use like the Horizon T101-05. With that said, for the light users out there not interested in spending a ton on a treadmill just to walk on it, this machine is a good choice for the price. The amount of quality is likely to hold up well in an ideal environment with light use.
  • Brief Overview

    We all have that favorite t-shirt that may have a few holes in it and is nowhere near as nice as a polo or Columbia jacket but is simply a good shirt. The Horizon T101-05 is very similar in that it is not the best treadmill on the market, but it serves a purpose for the light exercisers and does a darn good job at it. Horizon has continued to improve their T101s and this year, the T101-05 has won our 2019 Best Buy Award for the $400 to $699 price range.
  • Overall Quality

    A respectable benefit that accompanies the T101-05 is the Johnson family name, Horizon’s parent company. Johnson has years of experience in the business and has continually backed their products with good service. Likewise, the T101-05 is no exception; Horizon has granted a two-year parts and one-year labor and cushioning warranty that shows an added amount of value in this lower end treadmill.

    We also like the twenty-inch wide belt on this model which is not a standard size in this price bracket. While not the greatest belt width, it is an agreeable feature. Furthermore, Horizon has packed thirty built-in workout programs into the T101-05 which is a good addition if you enjoy different workout experiences.

    However, there are always a few drawbacks that we did stumble upon. While a good treadmill for the price, the T101-05 does not have the sturdiest build out of this price range. This is always a concern in terms of durability, but Horizon has added a decent warranty which adds some ease.
  • Things we like

    • Solid Warranty
    • Wider Walking Area for Price
    • More Workout Programs

    Things we dislike

    • X
      Not the Sturdiest Build
  • Specs

    Number of Programs 30
    Heart Rate Sensor and Type Heart Rate Feedback
    Horsepower 2.25
    Speed Range .5 - 10
    Incline/Decline Range 0 - 10
    Weight Capacity 300 Lbs
    Belt Size 20 x 55
    Footprint 178 x 85 x 140
    Folds Yes
    Weight of Unit 165 Lbs
    Warranty Lifetime Frame, Lifetime Motor, 1Yr Cushioning, 2Yr Parts, 1Yr Labor
  • History

    A multi-year Best Buy winner and one of the Top 10 Treadmills in 2017, the Horizon T101-05 has fared well in our review catalog. While we do find this machine a great value for the price, we have consistently warned against serious exercisers purchasing a machine under $1,000. Johnson, Horizon's parent company, has a solid repertoire of machines in the higher price range that would be well suited for heavy use. Still, the T101-05 has been reviewed as a good treadmill with a solid mechanical design and quality parts. We have found the T101-05 to be Horizon’s best effort in the $700 dollar price range.
  • Conclusion

    The continued backing from a solid, longstanding company has helped the T101-05 to shine brighter than the other lower end treadmills in this price range. With features that give this treadmill an advantage, we have awarded the Horizon T101-05 the 2019 Best Buy Award for the $400 to $699 price range. If you are a light user looking for a quality buy for an inexpensive price, then the Horizon T101-05 is a good choice.

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