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Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Review


The EX-59 lacks stride adjustability but has good dependable quality and is our 2nd Runner Up for our 2014 Best Buy Awards.

Horizon fitness ex 59







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Overall Rating: 4.2

<strong>Horizon Fitness EX59 Review</strong> The Horizon Fitness EX59 is one of those machines that fit its price point. You get a great build with solid quality machine, but it lacks an adjustable stride and offers only 10 levels of resistance. A pretty average machine with acceptable quality at a very reasonable price, the EX59 is our Best Buy 2014 2<sup>nd</sup> Runner Up under the $699 category. <strong><em>Votes in favor of the EX59...</em></strong> <em> </em> <strong>An EX57 upgrade</strong> This machine is actually a step up of the former Horizon Fitness EX57 trainer. The EX57 is an acceptable machine with solid build and design, and has impressed a lot of consumers during its release a few months before the EX59. If you're a fan of the EX57, we encourage you to add a bit more to your budget and get the EX59. <strong>Rock solid quality and dependable construction</strong> The manufacturer of this trainer is none other than Johnson, which is widely known to sell as many quality items as they can after hitting the low price points. Sitting at $629, the EX59 clearly reflects the rock solid quality of design and construction produced by Johnson at a bargain price. <strong><em>Votes against the trainer</em></strong> <strong>Lacks an adjustable stride</strong> Appears to be an exclusive trainer for users 5'7" tall or shorter. This drawback is already expected considering the price of EX59. Johnson had to cut some corners to hit the $629 target, and has limited the stride of the EX59 at an average 18 inches length. If you are very sensitive about the length of your stride, you can find many trainers out there that offer up to 20" adjustable stride around the same price. <strong>Louder but nice</strong> <strong> </strong> The EX59 is one of those machines that squeak after a bit of time. That is usually to be expected for a $629 elliptical, but you can find an inexpensive and quiet model if you know where to look. Keep in mind that when you pay this little for your elliptical, you're going to have to make sacrifices somewhere, and this isn't a bad area to do it if you have some good headphones. <strong>Comes with bad warranty</strong> One year on parts and labor seems to suggest that either Johnson doesn't expect this machine to last very long or they want to make up the discount they gave you on parts sales in the future. <strong><em>The final analysis: </em></strong> The <strong>Horizon Fitness EX59 </strong>is an acceptable trainer for those seeking price over warranty. With the same basic design as the LiveStrong front drive ellipticals, the EX59 has done its homework and has managed to offer consumers a bargain with some quality compromises. The only drawbacks are the lack of an adjustable stride or adjustable ramp and the louder drive system, which are not so significant considering the price.