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Horizon Evolve SG Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

If you need a small treadmill and aren't planning on doing serious training on it, the Evolve unit makes a lot of sense.

Horizon Evolve SG Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 3.8

The good, bad and worst case scenarios...

Very low powered motor

With a motor as weak as this you can't expect any miracles from this treadmill. You can't run or jog on this machine; just a brisk walk is all that can be expected, and nothing exceeding 6 mph. For anything more strenuous you will have to invest in a better quality treadmill at a higher price level.

Walking belt is OK for smaller, average users only

A 17" x 45" the walking surface is way below the standard treadbelt size that one sees in good treadmills. Bigger players with a wider stance will find the going tough. More suited for the smaller measured stride length of casual walking.

Cushioning is average for this price

You can say it's a marginal improvement over walking a pavement or any hard surface, and to that extent you get limited protection for your muscles and joints. If the user is orthopedically handicapped or desires something superior he has to move beyond $1,000.

Fewer preset programs, lower incline variation

This model offers a pathetically low 2 preset programs thereby underscoring the fact that this is not a running machine. Incline ratios are lower at 12%, so overall we don't see features that would invite regular runners to have a go.

Warranty is awful for this price range

Warranty is 1 year for parts, electrical components, and labor, 5 years on the motor and 10 years on the frame. This makes the warranty as poor as the quality of parts used. You can expect wear and tear to accelerate in proportion to sustained usage. Horizon has cut so many corners to bring prices down that they have very little faith in the longevity of the machine.

User weight capability is greatly exaggerated

When the machine hardly weighs 99 pounds one can't expect users weighing over 300 pounds to enjoy any degree of comfort, unless it is their intention to break it down to its component parts. Suited for the small frame user below 150 pounds.

Leaves a small footprint and is immensely portable

With smaller compact dimensions of 59" x 23" x 48", this treadmill folds to a fraction of its size making it portable enough to be positioned anywhere in the home or work space.

The final analysis

If walking is your prime pastime and running and jogging are distant ambitions then a low end offering like the Horizon Evolve SG might catch your fancy. If you can spare a $100 extra go for the Horizon T101 that won the Best Buy Award in this price category.

An impressive machine that is so small when folded (10" of vertical height) that you can literally put it under a bed. If you are someone who wants serious training, look elsewhere but for $600 and if you need an ultra-compact machine, this one makes inordinate sense.