Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill Review - $1,999.00

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  • Brief Overview

    If this model interests you we would look at the T7 model. If you can find it on sale, it can make sense but not at $1,999.
  • Overall Quality

    The Horizon Elite T9 doesn't have a $500 story to sell over the Elite T7 model by the same factory. Although there are some minor differences, we don't believe these are enough to warrant the 33% higher price. If you can get a dealer to discount the unit, you can pick up the extra of the Elite T9 at a much better price but that is a big "if." With all of that said, you kind of lose the fact that the Elite T9 is a very good machine when you start comparing the price with their lower end models but it is a shame that you lose the good points because of the price.
  • Specs

    Walking Area 8.5
    Power 6.5
    Cushioning 5.9
    Reliability 5.2
    Noise Level 5.9
    Quality 5.1
    Value 4.6
    Warranty 8.5

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