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Horizon CT7.1 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Absolutely absurd MSRP. There is no reason to buy one of these for list unless your life depends upon it.

Horizon CT7.1 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.31

What goes in favor of the Treadmill...

Motor marginally above average

A 2.50 HP motor is marginally better than the CT5.3 but cuts a sorry figure considering the better power generating capability of competing models in the same price bracket. Users can attain top speeds of 12 mph but extreme running may be ruled out as that would strain the motor-drive system.

Walking belt is OK at this price point

The walking area measuring 20" x 55" makes walking and running a comfortable experience for most categories of users, but question marks remain over the power generating capability of the modest motor that would drag performance standards down.

Cushioning is decent

If you are a good researcher you will definitely find better treadmills at competitive prices that offer you a more forgiving surface than this one. A decent surface that is underpowered by an average motor reduces the feel good factor in rigorous exercise routines.

Features that make you pause in evaluating your purchase...

Less variety in preset programs

Generally you find models offering not less than 24 workouts to add spice to your daily grind. Horizon's 12 preset programs are comparatively disappointing.

Warranty quenches your ardor quickly

1 year on labor, 1 year on parts, and lifetime on the motor and frame. This kind of lackluster warranty makes users more fearful that any overuse may saddle them with higher maintenance bills. The fear appears to be justified. The parts quality is way below acceptable standards at this price point and systems are likely to wear out faster if users raise their tempo.

User capacity of 325 pounds is exaggerated

If users exceeding 300 pounds use the treadmill the only result will be worn out parts necessitating frequent repairs and higher maintenance expenses.

Though folding this treadmill is a space guzzler

With dimensions measuring 70"; L x 33"; W x 58"; H you will need larger space in smaller homes to unfold this machine.

The final analysis

The Horizon CT7.1 is definitely overpriced at the $2,000 price point. It's at that price point where the client's expectations are sky high but the end results are way too disappointing. Poor parts quality and a pathetic warranty make this treadmill a long term liability waiting to bust your wallet at both ends.

This model at $2000 makes as much sense as giving jumping instructions to someone who is suicidal on a rooftop.