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Horizon CT5.3 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Absolutely absurd MSRP. We've seen similar models from the same factory for less than $1000. DON'T buy one for list!

Horizon CT5.3 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.31

What goes in favor of the Treadmill...

An average motor with modest capability

The 2.25 HP motor is a letdown for any price exceeding $1,000. In fact it does a poor job of powering the bigger treadbelt. It can't compare with other models in the $1,500 - $1,999 range offering higher power generating capability.

Walking area is good

The walking area of 20" x 55" may be 5" less than the treadbelt standard in vogue but packs sufficient space to accommodate power users. For a treadmill that is within kissing distance of $2,000 users would expect a bigger belt. The biggest letdown is the modest motor that is technically way below standards required to power this kind of belt. Ultimately, the most satisfied users are likely to be slim exercisers keyed to brisk walking.

Cushioning is decent

Cushioning, at this price point, does a reasonably good job but pales in comparison with some of the NordicTracks that carry the same price tag but also figure in the Best Buy category.

The criticisms...

Lower number of preset programs

With models generally offering more number of preset workouts (averaging around 24) it's disappointing to be offered just 12 programs. Inclines max at 12% which is again below average. So we have less value for money.

Warranty is pathetic

1 year on labor, 1 year on parts, and lifetime on the motor and frame. This is hilarious stuff; the company is expecting their customers to close their eyes and shell out $2,000 for a mouse of a motor, yet they are unable to underwrite parts and labor beyond a year. That the quality of parts is subpar rubs more salt into users' wounds.

User weight load is exaggerated

300 pounds user weight capacity is a pipedream.

Treadmill is folding but consumes space

Dimensions of 70"; L x 33"; W x 55"; H mean that you need dedicated space in your home to lodge this machine. Keep this in mind if you are courageous enough to buy this model despite its more obvious drawbacks.

The final analysis

If you are habitual of shelling out double the price for a machine that delivers half its worth, then the Horizon CT5.3 will not disappoint you. Even models in the $1,000 - $1,500 category are offering better parts quality and longevity than this model. This makes the machine extremely poor value for your money. If you are a smart buyer head for the T series that has better choices.

If someone holds a gun to your head and threatens to pull the trigger if you don't buy this one for $2000, I guess you don't have a choice but that's the only rational reason to drop $2k on this treadmill.