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Golds Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill Review - $599.00

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Gold's Gym starts to get to a minimum acceptable level of quality for the casual walker with this one but don't expect a serious machine with the Trainer 720. Not a bad effort for $600 but you can't make a high quality treadmill for this little money. If you are a grandma and need a few minutes of activity a day and treat the treadmill like it is fragile, you might get away with using this one for years. If you don't you could have an experience on the level of Nightmare on Elm Street.

2017 golds gym trainer 720 treadmill
2017 golds gym trainer 720 treadmill
Number of Programs 18
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Pulse
Horsepower 2.5
Speed Range 0 - 10
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 10
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs
Belt Size 20 x 55
Footprint N/A
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit N/A
Warranty Lifetime Frame, 25-Year Motor, 1-Year Parts & Labor

General Information

Another licensed brand for Icon Health & Fitness. They put this brand in Wal-Mart over the past few years and they have sold like hotcakes! Some of the newer models at the higher price points are on par with Proform and the entry-level NordicTrack units at a bargain price. If you buy their sub $400 units, you are getting what you deserve- a piece of junk for $400. These are mainly units made for the casual user. If you are looking for a serious machine, nothing to see here�keep moving on.

Quality / Philosophy

Gold�s Gym is produced by Icon, a company with thousands of employees and large resources. Put simply, their machines have the best design in the business. Icon has a long, storied history that provides an example of how the big keep getting bigger. Icon used to be the mass-market darling because of their cheap prices but they used to have quality to match. These days they put quality into the machines and pack them with features. We can no longer say Icon has the worst customer service in the business after experiencing the cheap treadmills sold on Amazon. We rate the machines by the individual machine quality, not the quality of their service.


Icon is the largest fitness equipment producer in the world with over $1 billion in sales. If the fitness industry were a solar system, Icon is so powerful that they would be the Sun. In terms of stability they are the best, but overall their customer service isn�t up to the standards of any of the lower volume producers. Although you get a value price for the product, you also get value service so keep this in mind when buying their machines- apparently they price their machines so low in comparison to other companies that they don�t have money left for service. Due to the sheer number of units they produce, we pick up support in many cases where this factory leaves off.

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2017 golds gym trainer 720 treadmill