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Gold's Gym Trainer 620 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Noisy and cheap! What else can you ask for in a treadmill?!?

Gold's Gym Trainer 620 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 3.62

One of the poorer offerings of Gold's Gym best left in the showroom...

Motor that isn't built for runners

This is a small frame 2.8 HP motor that produces more noise than power. You can drop the idea of notching 10 mph speeds on this machine as it will create a big racket sufficient to keep both the users and the neighborhood wide awake. Not built to handle running and you have to be satisfied with plain walking.

Underpowered walking surface

Measuring 20" x 55", this treadbelt would normally be considered a satisfactory walking surface that wider taller users can use comfortably. The downside is that the motor is so underpowered you can't use this surface for anything more strenuous than walking.

Cushioning not up to the mark

This is certainly not the best protection for exercising back, hips and joints. Since we don't recommend anything more than walking on this treadmill, this level of cushioning compensates to some degree.

Warranty disappointing

The warranty on the Gold's Gym Trainer 620 is 1 year for parts and labor, 25 years for the motor and lifetime for the frame. Cheaper parts and design compromises are part and parcel of sub $1,000 prices, and the user really gets what he pays for.

Servicing not one of Icon's strengths

Design superiority can't disguise the servicing flaws of Icon, and lack of effective service responsiveness and timely part replacements is one the biggest headaches of buying Gold's Gym models.

The final diagnosis

The Gold's Gym Trainer 620 sees the company compromising in vital areas and delivering a product that struggles to stand up and be counted as a treadmill. The word trainer is only in name as runners won't use this machine. So the $620 question is what are we getting for our hard earned money?

Not a good treadmill at all. You are better off getting a gym membership than buying this machine.