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Gold's Gym Trainer 315 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

What a piece of, oh wait, this is a family site! Gold's Gym has produced industrial excrement on an epic scale!

Overall Quality

We could tell you how terrible this machine is but if you are considering it, don't let Wal-Mart fool you. This is about as awful a treadmill as has ever been made. Apparently, Exerpeudic took a look at what Icon made with this machine and said, "we can do better than that." I suppose that is how you end up with multiple factories competiting with gusto for the title of Worst Treadmill Ever! The sad part is that people will assume that the nice packaging means nice product.


Walking Area 3.5
Power 2.3
Cushioning 3.2
Reliability 2.2
Noise Level 3.6
Quality 1.3
Value 1.9
Warranty 1.8