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Gold's Gym Club Trainer 690 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

One of the brighter stars in the Gold's Gym lineup. With that said, most of the stars in this lineup are pretty dim.

Gold's Gym Club Trainer 690 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.87

The good, the bad and the problematic...

Motor generates very little power

At a $799 price tag one would have expected a higher powered motor than this measly 2.25 HP version, and this is really disappointing considering that there are cheaper models which pack greater power beneath the hood. Speeds topping 10 mph are not recommended as this machine won't tolerate anything more strenuous than walking.

Walking area smaller, more compact

A 17" x 50" walking belt will make larger and taller users uncomfortable. It doesn't pack the width stability and stride length of full sized treadbelts to take on users with a wider stance or longer stride.

Cushioning is excellent: great value for money

Gold's Gym has outdone themselves in providing a classic cushioning experience that is worth much more than this price. You can easily add $1,000 to justify this kind of quality. Excellent protection for exercising back, hips and joints.

Warranty is very poor

Parts and labor are covered for a year, while the motor has 15 years coverage making this an apology of a warranty. The Trainer 690 suffers in comparison with competing models that deliver better warranty protection at this price point. Alternatively, with a couple of hundred dollars extra you can move to models assuring better longevity than this machine.

Servicing is a big headache

If product design was everything Icon would be miles ahead of the competition, but perhaps because of their huge sales volume, their customer service is terrible at times. This must be factored into any purchase decision.

The final diagnosis

The Gold's Gym 480 looks fine outwardly but the reality is that this is not built for running. The word "Trainer" is a misnomer as this treadmill is incapable of training runners. If Gold's Gym attracts you consider this their best entry point walking machine at a price that is affordable to you.

The only thing that is "Club" about this machine is the name. A good walker's treadmill and that's about it.