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Freemotion t6.0 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

There are other options in the Icon stable that are better choices for $2300. When you get to this price point, you might start thinking about a True.

Freemotion t6.0 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.31

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill...

One of the most powerful motors in its class

At 4.2 HP motor is silently powerful meshing elegantly with an excellent drive system to power an efficient workout in a near peaceful, relatively quiet atmosphere. Low noise levels are a blessing with this model and you can achieve 12 mph speeds comfortably without waking your baby, and that's saying a lot. Built for extreme fitness regimens, this is a treadmill that can take a grueling workout and still be ready for more action. There's a lifetime warranty to remove worries about overusing the treadmill.

Massive belt combining well with excellent cushioning

The walking surface measuring 22" x 60" is extra-large; going by normal treadmill surfaces, and is ideally suited for extreme workouts. Serious runners will love this expansive surface that accommodates users of all types.

The adjustable cushioning support is simply excellent, correctly absorbing the impact of the front foot strike and creating just the right firmness for a smooth take off action on the back foot. The supportive action significantly reduces the soreness and stiffness that follows a normal workout on a less forgiving surface.

Sufficient variety in workout apps and inclines

High on features, there is sufficient variety in decline/ incline ratios from -3% to 15% acting in conjunction with 38 workout apps to introduce challenge and variety to any treadmill routine.

Strong warranty protection

This is an outstanding warranty justifying the price tag where frame, drive motor, and walking surface are covered for a lifetime; parts and electronics are 6 years and labor gets 3 years.

Space saving folding treadmill

Dimensions of 79.5" L x 37.75" W x 71.5" H can be tackled as this is a folding treadmill, and though it won't entirely disappear into a corner, some degree of space saving is possible.

What makes you pause in evaluating your buy...

Poor customer service is the sore note in an otherwise harmonious choice

At the $2,300 price point if service is your watchword then you are in for a rough ride considering Icon's poor track record in the servicing and spares supplies department. If quality is your focus then you are getting high parts quality and durability.

The final word

The Freemotion t6.0 presents you with a classic dilemma. If you insist on a powerful motor, an excellent running surface, and outstanding cushioning backed by a solid warranty, you get it all in good measure, but when it comes to servicing and spares it all comes apart at the seams. Unfortunately, with Freemotion you can't have the cake and enjoy it too!

High quality unit but at this price, you expect customer service and the only service you get from Icon is the same kind a bull gives to a cow.